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Wine Cellar Construction Basics

Wine Cellar Construction Basics

Proper wine cellar construction is one of the most important aspects of your project to assure the health of your wine. In order to maintain this ideal environment, your conditioned wine cellar must be constructed according to the specifications below. This will guarantee that your wine cellar cooling unit will be able to provide the proper temperature and wine cellar humidifier will keep the proper humidity levels and prevent possible moisture damage to areas adjacent to the wine cellar. Check your local building codes for more information.

Wine Cellar Construction Reference Chart

Wall Framing:

2" x 6" @ 16" on center

Ceiling Framing:

2" x 8" @ 16" on center

Vapor Barrier:

6 mil polyethelene on warm side of walls and ceilings. Check your local building codes.

Wall Insulation:

R-19 minimum

Ceiling Insulation:

R-30 minimum


DensArmor Plus® Interior Drywall is Vigilant's recommended sheathing. You can also use 1/2" moisture resistant green board with mildew resistant paint or tongue and groove wood paneling such as mahogany.


Moisture resistant material such as brick, tile, stone, or hardwoods.

Wine Cellar Brick Flooring Wine Cellar Tile Flooring Wine Cellar Stone Flooring Wine Cellar Hardwood Flooring
Click on a thumbnail to see a larger wine cellar flooring sample.

Construction Material Thicknesses and R-Values

This chart shows the relationship of insulation values for sample wall thickness and material types. We recommend a minimum R-value of R-19 in the walls and R-30 in the ceilings for any space dedicated to the proper cooling of wine.

Wall Frame Thickness Insulation Thickness R-Value Fiberglass Batting R-Value Rigid Foam
4" 3.5" R-11 R-25*
6" 5.5" R-19 R-39*
10" 9" R-30 R-65*

*Rigid foam insulation R-values range from R-4 to R-8 per inch of thickness (2.54 cm), depending on the manufacturer.

Wine Cellar Doors:

Exterior grade insulated doors with complete weather stripping or double insulated glass exterior grade doors.

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