Built-In Cigar Humidors

Do you have an existing cabinet, bar area, or bookcase that has room for a cigar humidor? Let us design and build you a custom humidor for your available cabinet space that will guarantee the security and protection of your cigars for years to come. The end result of each option is a state-of-the-art cigar humidor that will last a lifetime. Just give us the dimensions of the opening and your cigar storage needs.

Convert Your Space into a Cigar Humidor

Provide us with the dimensions of your space and specific cigar storage needs and we will design a perfect fitting built-in humidor to suit your exact needs.

Finished or Unfinished

We can design and build the entire humidor that perfectly matches your existing door or drawer style, wood species and finish to blend seamlessly with your exiting millwork.

— OR —

We can ship the humidor unfinished for your millwork company to complete.

Already have the door?

We can also build a cabinet onto which your existing door can be attached.

Choose a Vigilant Built-in Humidor

Whatever method works best, a Vigilant built-in humidor will provide the perfect environment for the long term storage of your cigars.

Why Choose a Vigilant Cigar Humidor?

Features of Vigilant Built-in Humidors

  • Complimentary custom design services and consultation
  • Built of mahogany and Spanish cedar
  • Choice of Sentry or Reliance humidity control systems
  • Built into bookcases, wine rooms, bar areas or closets
  • Custom wood species and finishes are our specialty
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Best warranty in the industry.

Question to Ask

  • Are you storing boxes, singles or a combination of both? This determines the need for drawers with adjustable dividers for single cigars or shelves for box storage.
  • What kind of hardware do you want? Hinges, knobs, locks and pulls can be by Vigilant or we can add hardware you have already purchased.
  • Do you want a standard one to two month capacity water reservoir or an automatic-fill adapter to hook our system up to a 1/4" water pipe or hose?
  • Do you want the drawer or door front to be solid wood or a glass insert with wood frame?
  • Do you have a standard 110-volt wall outlet within five feet of the cabinet?


Vigilant designs and builds built-in humidors to fit any space.

Have Questions?

Call our humidor experts to discuss the best storage cabinet and options for your space:
(888) 556-2032 | or  email customer service: info@vigilantinc.com


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