Wine Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have been asked many questions about our refrigerated and non-conditioned wine cabinets. Here are the most popular questions we've received to date, but we're always happy to answer more!


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Why should I use a wine cabinet?

A: A wine cabinet offers many advantages over a traditional wine cellar including:

  • Less hassle & mess of traditional wine cellar construction
  • Wine display uses far less space than a wine room and thus more energy efficient to cool
  • Smaller size allows for flexibility in location
  • Display your wine in your everyday living space

What makes a Vigilant wine cabinet the best wine cabinet?

A: Vigilant craftsmanship, customization options, system performance and the best warranty in the industry. Learn more about why you should choose a Vigilant wine cabinet.

Also we've learned a successful wine cabinet project must meet two important criteria. First, the cabinet must be attractive and meet the aesthetic needs of the client. Second, the cabinet must perform flawlessly and maintain the proper conditions for your wine for the long haul. We have over 20 years of experience in designing and constructing fine wine and cigar cabinets and our and reputation stands for itself.

What should I look for in a wine cabinet?

A: Wine storage cabinet styles are as varied as wine storage racks and other storage accessories found in your wine cellar. Some have better amenities and they are not all made with the same quality and artisanship. Inspect all aspects of a wine storage cabinet before you make a purchase.

What type of hinges does the wine storage cabinet contain? For example, you cannot use a piano hinge on a wine storage cabinet because it will cause the door of the cabinet to close improperly. How durable are the walls of the wine storage cabinet? This is significant because you will be storing bottles of wine, some of which may weigh up to 3 lbs each. The construction of your wine storage cabinet must be able to stand up to the weight of the wine bottles it will hold.

A quality wine cabinet will have these features:

  • Insulated panel construction
  • No particle board
  • Insulated, low E glass
  • Exterior-grade door seals
  • Solid wood door frames (when applicable)
  • Integrated levelling feet
  • A quality cooling system

Are Vigilant wine cabinets insulated?

A: Yes, each Vigilant wine cabinet is constructed using insulated panels and high R-Value insulated glass.

Do wine cabinets come with temperature controls?

A: A wine storage cabinet can provide the perfect atmosphere for a smaller collection of wine to help owners keep their collections in their homes. Wine storage cabinets are temperature and humidity controlled, durable and generally affordable.

Wine cabinets are a great addition to your wine furniture collection and can be a viable substitute for a walk-in wine cellar in your home. A number of different brands and styles exist for wine storage cabinets, so choose one that fits in with the overall decor of your home.

Does Vigilant offer standard designs or custom wine cabinets?

A: We offer both standard and custom cabinets. We have standard cabinet offerings, however, we work in all cabinet styles and materials, ranging from wood to metals, glass and acrylics and can accommodate any custom request.

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What if your customized standard cabinets do not suit my needs?

A: No problem, Vigilant employs a full time design team to custom design the cabinet of your dreams. Custom elements include:

  • Materials: wood, metal & glass
  • Finish
  • Style:traditional or contemporary
  • Custom lighting: RGB and back lit panels
  • Custom glass etching

Where is the best place to put a wine cabinet?

A: You can place a wine cabinet most anywhere that you have space. Vigilant offers both stand-alone and built-in options in numerous widths. However, we can build any custom size and design to fit into any space.

What types of storage and display racking are available for your cabinets?

A: With a Vigilant wine cabinet you have many storage and display options:

  • Traditional mahogany ladder wine racking
  • Metal wine racks and rods
  • Adjustable slatted shelves and display rows
  • Rollout shelves
  • Custom designs and materials
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Can I get both red and white wine cooling zones in my Vigilant wine cabinet?

A: Yes. We will work with you to establish both your red and white wine storage needs and can offer you separate zones for different serving and storage temperatures.

What is the best temperature for wine cabinets?

A: Vigilant offers single or multiple temperature zones for long term storage (55°), red wine serving (62°-68°) and white wine serving (42°-50°).

What types of wine cooling systems are installed with Vigilant wine cabinets?

A: Every wine cabinet project has its own unique cooling application. At Vigilant, we have a wide offering of quality wine cooling systems at our disposal and will specify the system that meets your project needs. Wine cooling configurations include:.

  • Self-contained cooling units
  • Top-mount cooling units
  • Remote-ducted cooling units
  • Ducted-split cooling units

It is very important that the system be properly sized and configured for your application to ensure that the wine is properly stored and protected. Consideration for noise and heat production should also be part of your wine cooling system selection.

Do your wine cabinets require a condensate drain line?

A: Most wine cabinet cooling systems generate water in the form of condensate. While some systems burn off condensate, this may not be adequate in some environments. This may necessitate a drain line or secondary condensate pump or evaporator. Our designers will make sure you get the correct solution. FAILURE TO PROPERLY ACCOUNT FOR SYSTEM CONDENSATE MAY RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT WATER DAMAGE OVER TIME.

What are the electrical requirements for Vigilant wine cabinets?

A: The electrical requirements will vary depending on the system employed in your cabinets. You may need additional electrical connections for lighting and secondary condensate removal. Vigilant will provide a comprehensive electrical/mechanical specification with your documentation.

What is the warranty on a Vigilant cabinet?

A: All custom cabinetry and millwork cabinets come with the same limited lifetime warranty as our other Vigilant products. The system warranties will vary, depending on your application..

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Do Vigilant wine cabinets come with lighting?

A: All Vigilant wine cabinets are offered with an LED lighting option at an additional cost. Lighting can often be the difference-maker in the look of the cabinet and will also increase functionality. It is strongly recommended that if you want lighting for your cabinet that you have Vigilant specify and install it, rather than having it done later. This will save you money, prevent damage to your cabinets and ensure proper lighting function.