Wine Guardian Installation Guidelines

Before ordering and installing your Wine Guardian wine cooling system we strongly advise that you consult with your Vigilant sales consultant to ensure that you have the correct wine cooling system for your application.

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The Planning Process

Below are questions and advice to help get you started. Please feel free to contact us with questions about your wine cooling system or proper wine cellar build-out.

  • Where will the wine cellar cooling unit be located?
  • Should it be built into the wall or mounted remotely and ducted into the wine cellar?
  • Where will the supply and return grilles go to achieve the temperature and circulation desired?
  • Should an electrical outlet be close to the unit? (Do not use an extension cord)
  • Does the condenser heat exhaust need to be ducted away?
  • Where will the wine cellar thermostat be located?
  • Where will you run the drain line?

Download Wine Guardian Ducted Systems Manual

Ducted Split Owner's Manual (SS models)
Ducted Split Owner's Manual (DS025 & WGS40 models)

Learn more about Wine Guardian ductwork and ducting

Performing a Pre-installation Check

  • Check for the proper installation of the electrical plug configuration.
  • Check for the properly sized breaker.
  • Is the wine cellar built with adequate insulation and vapor barriers?
  • Are ducts installed above the ceiling or in accessible places properly sized before being covered?
  • Is enough space available around the unit for service and repair?

Installation Warning

Always install the unit in the horizontal position with the flat bottom side down (only side with no openings). Otherwise the Wine Guardian™ will not operate properly and the internal components will be damaged and the warranty voided.