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Building Wine Racks

Display your favorite bottles of wine in Viglant kit wine racks high-reveal display row.

There are many varying opinions about how to best build a wine rack for your home. First, you need to answer the question, why are you building a wine rack? The answer to this question will lead to others and before long, you will have a plan of attack for your wine rack build.

A wine rack can serve many purposed within the home depending on its style and build. Are you planning on storing anything else on the wine rack besides wine? If yes, then you may want to consider building a bulk storage rack such as a diamond bin or rectangular bin. Do you have you wine case boxes to store or just individual bottles? This will help you determine which rack might best fit your needs.

Will you place your wine rack in your basement or temperature controlled room? If the answer is yes, you are possibly looking for long-term storage options and will need to be concerned about year round temperature and humidity falling into proper ranges. If you are only looking to place some wine into a storage area for very short periods of time, you may opt for wine cubes. These cubes will accommodate multiple bottles of wine without being temperature controlled and can also work as decorative pieces on your walls. They come with exchangeable inserts and offer a modern look to any room.

Any way you slice it, there are multiple options that offer endless possibilities for your wine storage. Answer as many questions as you can think of, and do your research online before building or choosing a wine rack. Only certain types of wine racks will suffice for certain situations and make sure the wood is a high quality hardwood such as mahogany or you will find that you will be buying or building again real soon.