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Wine & Cigar Storage Learning Center

The goals of this learning center are to:

  • Provide knowledge and education about wine and cigar storage solutions
  • Ensure that your wine or cigar project is successful
  • Answer questions about properly storing your wine or cigars

On this page you’ll find the following educational tools:

  • Helpful wine and cigar storage tutorials
  • Tips on how to keep wine and cigars at their best
  • Wine cellar planning charts
  • Sample designs
  • Wine and cigar storage project photo galleries
  • Vigilant wine and cigar product information
  • Free catalogs & free design request forms

Wine Cellars & Wine Racks

If you want to learn how to build a wine cellar, small wine room or convert a closet, you’re in the right place. Combine your own specifications with our custom wine racks and decorative components to create the wine retreat of your dreams. Get inspired by these tools, which will guide you in the creation of your own unique wine storage solution.

Refrigerated Wine Cabinets & Lockers

Why choose our wine cabinets and lockers? Become empowered by reviewing our information and discover all of the custom details you can apply to your Vigilant refrigerated wine cabinets and lockers. Each cabinet or locker is custom-made to meet your style and needs. Learn about how you can store both red and white wine in a singular cabinet, find our project photos in the gallery link below, and request a catalog or a free quote to see how we are the right manufacturer for you.

Wine Cellar Doors

Learn all about our beautiful doors that securely seal your wine cellar or wine room. We offer two standard door series, Classic and Value Classic, as well as custom doors. Explore the many options you have when designing your wine cellar door. Find all of your questions answered in our FAQs webpage, and see for yourself why our Vigilant doors are simply the best.

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Unearth the science behind our wine cellar cooling systems, and have your questions finally answered about wine storage temperature and humidity. Peruse our FAQ page for our customer’s frequently asked questions about their cellar air cooling units, and learn which cooling system is best for your unique space.

Cigar Humidors

See below how we’ve mastered the combination of usefulness and elegance through our popular humidity controlled cigar cabinets. View photos of our cigar storage cabinets and lockers, and learn how to care for them to keep your cigars at the peak of freshness. Why are Vigilant cigar humidors the best of the best? Read below by clicking the “Why Choose a Vigilant Cigar Humidor?” and “FAQs” links.

Vigilant Company Info

Read about our company; where we’re located, why we do what we do, and the reason we’re so committed to crafting the finest quality products. Peruse testimonials from past clients that show how satisfied they are with our work, and read news and our blog articles about our projects and wine and cigar industry topics. Learn how we build our quality products ensuring you achieve the proper wine and cigar storage – one that you’ll want to show off!