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Retail cigar storage and display in restaurants, hotels, country clubs and other commercial spaces has grown in popularity as aficionados continue to look for public locations to savor cigars. Vigilant has worked on many of these projects including cigar lockers and built-in display cabinets. Below is a sampling of cigar design projects. And remember, we can accommodate any request because we are the designer AND the manufacturer. Contact us today to discuss your cigar storage needs.


Situated within The Ritz-Carlton in St. Louis, The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry approached Vigilant in their task of  revamping the cigar club presence for members and guests. The design centered on conceptualizing a Roaring 20’s speakeasy. 


The Cigar Lounge project was the winner of a 2021 Hospitality Design Award in Bar, Club + Lounge, submitted by design firm The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, Atlanta.

Key Features

  • 410 Individually-keyed lockers
  • Custom display cabinetry, LED Lighting and ladder
  • Cabinetry for smoking jackets and storage
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