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Custom Humidors Legacy Gallery

We’ve been creating custom cigar humidors in every size, shape, and wood species imaginable for 25 years. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, our humidors provide the ideal environment to securely store your cigars for years. Check out our portfolio of custom humidors, then contact our design experts. Our master craftsmen are ready to create a humidor that’s uniquely yours!


Custom Mahogany and Leather Humidor Cabinet


Designed based off previous custom credenza designs, we built this custom humidor for a client in New York. The cabinet features a “lift up” glass lid and leather panels, bordered with upholstery tacks, on the front lower drawers and side panels. Our Guardian 100 Digital Humidification System, housed behind the lower right-hand door, maintains the perfect environment for stored cigars. This humidor includes a variety of cigar storage options within with adjustable shelves and draws with dividers for loose cigars.

Key Features

  • Wooden-framed lift up glass lid with LED lighting
  • Incorporated custom materials (leather and upholstery tacks)
  • Angled display shelf under glass lid
  • Two drawers for loose cigars and accessory storage
  • Open storage behind lower left-hand door with adjustable shelf
  • Vigilant chestnut finish with oil-rubbed, bronze finish hardware


Custom Credenza with Glass Top


This beautiful custom cigar humidor credenza was designed with a glass top in order to display our clients collection. The cabinet is made from Mahogany and finished in Vigilant’s Espresso finish with lacquer. To store cigars, the cabinet uses double deep shelves with nosing, all inside a Spanish cedar interior upgrade. Humidifying the cabinet is the precise Guardian Digital Humidification System with LED display lighting.

Key Features

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Glass and wood-framed doors
  • Double deep shelves with nosing
  • Guardian digital humidification system

The French Laundry


This beautiful cabinet was designed for The French Laundry, a Michelin three star restaurant in Napa Valley. Vigilant was honored to work with such a renowned establishment and was determined to create the perfect cigar humidor for their needs. Working with their sommelier on aesthetics and storage requirements, we created a gorgeous custom mahogany display humidor cabinet, featuring drawers and adjustable shelves for cigar storage and display. The French Laundry chose our state-of-the-art Guardian digital humidification system to keep their exceptional cigar offerings in the perfect condition for their patrons’ enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Mahogany cabinet with custom finish
  • Adjustable shelves & drawers for storage
  • Guardian digital humidification system
  • Interior LED display lighting
  • Soft-close drawer and door technology


2,000 cigars

Custom Two-Tone Cigar Humidor


This beautiful two-tone cigar humidor was designed to seamlessly fit with the Vigilant custom wine cellar. The cabinet is made from Mahogany and finished in both Vigilant’s Harvest and Espresso stains. To store cigars, the cabinet uses adjustable shelves and bins with Spanish Cedar dividers. Humidifying the cabinet is the precise Guardian Digital Humidification System with a LED display and push button controller.

Key Features

  • Two-tone finished cabinet
  • Mahogany interior and exterior
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Cigar bins with Spanish Cedar dividers
  • Guardian digital humidification system
#H171107 / 171106


2,500 cigars

Custom Finished Cigar Humidor


This stunning custom built-in cigar humidor was the perfect addition to this homeowner’s mancave. The cigar cabinet features a custom finish, countertop and solid Mahogany framed glass doors. The interior of the cabinet uses adjustable Mahogany shelves, loose cigar bins with Spanish Cedar dividers and LED display lighting. The lower cabinets house additional storage using pull-out shelves. The homeowner’s cigars stay perfectly humidified in this sealed environment using a Guardian digital humidification system.

Key Features

  • Mahogany cabinet with custom finish
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Cigar bins with Spanish Cedar dividers
  • Guardian digital humidification system
  • Interior LED display lighting
  • Locking wood framed cabinet doors



2,500 cigars

Duquesne Club


This impressive cabinet was created for the exclusive Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The unit was made from beautiful quarter sawn Red Oak and completed in a custom finish and lacquer. The display portion of the cabinet uses solid Oak framed glass doors, LED lighting and glass display shelves. The cigar lockers each feature a brass keyed lock, Spanish Cedar dividers and soft-close pull-out drawer technology. Preserving the cigars is our custom Guardian Humidification system that features a digital display and set point control with an integrated remote sensor.

Key Features

  • Quarter sawn Red Oak
  • Custom finish
  • Guardian Digital humidification system
  • Soft-close pull-out drawer lockers
  • LED display lighting
  • Spanish Cedar dividers



2,500-3,000 cigars; Lockers: 50 loose cigars each

Custom Desktop Humidor

This custom humidor is the perfect hiding spot for all your favorite cigars! Built for a client’s luxury kitchen from mahogany and featuring an Espresso stain, this is the perfect piece for an aficionado who wants to store a smaller inventory for friends, family, guests, and themselves.




125 cigars

Vigilant Anniversary Humidor Cigar Cabinet

To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we designed this distinctive cigar cabinet humidor, made with Honduran mahogany and detailed with Pomele Sapele and Spanish cedar. Only 150 of these pieces were made, each one numbered and signed by the craftsman. The cabinet stores approximately 350 cigars, and each one was stocked with 50 Zino Platinum Scepter Series cigars.



Desktop Humidor with Etched Logo


This charming custom cigar humidor cabinet was designed to sit on top of this client’s desk. The wood framed glass door features a custom glass etched logo. The cabinet was handcrafted from Mahogany with a Chestnut stain and lacquer finish. Adjustable shelves with clear fronts store and display the customer’s cigar collection. And perfectly humidifying the cigars is Vigilant’s accurate digital humidification system.

Key Features

  • Custom desktop humidor
  • Mahogany with Chestnut Finish
  • Custom glass etching
  • Adjustable shelves with clear fronts
  • LED display lighting
  • Guardian digital humidification system



100 cigars

Custom Distressed Finished Cigar Cabinet


This custom cigar end table humidor cabinet was designed to match the décor of a private residence in New Brunswick, Canada. The humidor features a distinctive custom distressed finish with beautiful gray undertones on rustic pine boards. The interior of the cabinet is made from unfinished Mahogany and uses Spanish Cedar dividers. The cabinet is both stylish and functional, utilizing our top-notch digital humidification system to store the homeowner’s cigars in the optimal environment.

Key Features

  • Pine board exterior
  • Custom distressed finish
  • Adjustable shelves and bins
  • Spanish cedar dividers
  • Digital humidification system
  • Loose cigar drawer- holds 125 cigars



500 cigars

Humidor End Table in Cherry


This small end table can hold up to 1,500 cigars! Our proprietary humidification system ensures all cigars are kept at the proper storage environment. A custom cherry cabinet with maple accents that contains a Spanish cedar lined top drawer that can hold up to 125 loose cigars is sure to be a pleasing furniture piece in any room.

Key Features

  • Cherry cabinet with maple accents
  • Clear maple framed doors and top with birdseye maple panels & Black Walnut inlays
  • Loose cigar drawer-125 cigars
  • Electronic humidification system



550 cigars

Custom Mission Style Cigar End Table

This end table turns heads with its custom finish on mahogany complemented by oil-rubbed bronze mission style hardware. The dark hues of the cabinet are juxtaposed with a glass top and locking door. When opened, one can see up to 900 cigars stored in the cabinet’s loose cigar drawer and main holding area, all kept at ideal storage temperature by our Guardian electronic humidification system. The table is a custom twist on a Vigilant Classic.

Key Features

  • Mahogany cabinet with custom finish
  • Glass top and door
  • Mission-style oil rubbed bronze hardware
  • Loose cigar drawer-125 cigars
  • Guardian electronic humidification system


450 cigars

Distressed Pine Humidor End Table

Northern pine paired with a custom distressed finish and antique hardware complete the look of this old world style custom humidor. The small glass panel in the top provides a view into the drawer of loose cigars.

Custom Reliance Cabinet

This custom cigar cabinet was designed for a Priest named Father Matthew. He wanted to incorporate maple, tiger maple and black walnut to match his existing furniture. The humidor now lives in a rectory. All of the fine details of the cigar cabinet are in-laid black walnut. The tiger maple appears on the front of the door and the drawer. The maple frames the outside of the cabinet. The Father Matthew receives a custom humidification system as well, similar to a Guardian 1500.

Custom Cigar Humidor End Table

Traditional end table cigar cabinet with raised panel sides, wood framed glass panel top and door, and beaded base in red oak with custom stain finish. The interior armoire style drawer with Spanish cedar lining provides a home for loose cigars. Simple oil rubbed bronze hardware keep the focus on the beauty of the humidor cabinetry.

Birdseye Maple & Black Walnut Humidor End Table

This custom height cigar humidor cabinet features a clear maple frame with birdseye maple panels and black walnut inlays. A black walnut curved base and glass top enhance the look.

Sunburst Reliance 1000 End Table

This attractive end table is a custom-designed Reliance 1000, made of mahogany with a special “sunburst” finish. The end table features an interior drawer and built-in humidification system.

Antiqued (Distressed) Cherry R1000

This rustic custom humidor was designed for a customer that had many pieces of antique furniture. We set out to create a cigar cabinet that would fit into the customer’s home and match all of the other pieces. An aging technique had to be used to age and rust the hardware used on the knobs and hinges. The custom humidification system used in this custom cigar cabinet is similar to the Guardian 1000 system.

Reliance 1000 in Birdseye Maple

This cigar cabinet is an example of how we can take any of our standard cabinets and customize them to whatever wood or stain you choose. Shown here is a Reliance 1000 built with maple and birdseye maple with a clear finish. The customer had a lot of light colored woods in their home and wanted a cabinet that could blend in with the decor and truly be used as an end table.

Custom Crotch Mahogany Cigar Humidor End Table

The Reliance 1500 end table holds approximately 1350 cigars and has an external drawer. This example was fashioned using crotch mahogany by request and finished so the distinctive grain of the wood shows through adding a dramatic appearance to the humidor cabinet.

Custom White Cigar Armoire Cabinet


This custom cigar humidor cabinet was finished in a beautiful off-white color to match the homeowner’s décor. The cabinet includes adjustable Mahogany shelving and a Spanish Cedar bin with dividers allowing the cabinet to hold up to 500 boxed cigars. Humidifying the cabinet is our efficient Guardian Digital System with an easy to read LED display.

Key Features

  • Mahogany interior and exterior
  • Custom white finish
  • Guardian igital humidification system
  • LED display lighting
  • Spanish Cedar Bin



100 loose, 500 boxed

Modern Mahogany Cigar Armoire


This custom armoire was designed for a modern look with our ebony finish on high-quality mahogany. Frosted glass doors and nickel hardware highlight the sleek feel, while the interior allows for versatile cigar storage thanks to adjustable shelves and pull-out drawers with dividers. LED lighting brightens the interior space to easliy see and display stored cigars. Fully insulated, it features a custom temperature and humidity control system with thermoelectric heating and cooling and a digital control display.

Key Features

  • Wood framed frosted glass doors
  • Thermal electric heating and cooling system
  • Mahogany with ebony finish and nickel hardware
  • Adjustable shelving and pull-out drawer combination
  • Fully insulated with LED system display & interior LED lighting

Tiger Maple & Black Walnut Armoire Cabinet


This custom temperature and humidity controlled cabinet was designed for a client in Saudi Arabia and features:

  • Guardian Digital Humidification and TEC temp control with 220v 60hz power for perfect storage environment
  • Clear maple framed doors and top with birdseye maple panels & black walnut inlays
  • Black walnut curved base
  • Interior unfinished mahogany
  • Five adjustable mahogany shelves and Spanish cedar drawer with divider bins

Custom Reliance 1500 Cigar Armoire

This contemporary Reliance Armoire humidor cabinet is custom-made with two draws and has an ebony finish. Inside, four drawers with loose cigar bins hold 175 cigars. With these bins and the remaining storage, the cabinet holds 1,500 cigars, which are kept at ideal storage temperature using our Guardian electronic humidification system (not shown in photos). The cigars are accessed through locked, frosted glass doors.

Key Features

  • Mahogany cabinet with ebony finish
  • Frosted glass doors
  • Four loose cigar bins-175 cigars
  • Guardian electronic humidification system


1,500 cigars

Stickley Style Armoire Humidor

This Stickley style cigar cabinet is constructed from African mahogany and has a Harvest stain and lacquer finish. The curved base and mortise and tenon joinery reflect the true mission design. The cigar cabinet is further enhanced by beautifully book matched wood panel doors.



Custom Cigar Humidor Cabinet


Custom humidor in red oak with a custom stain finish to match the client’s flooring. Traditional style includes frame and panel doors with polished brass hardware and base molding.

Custom Cigar Humidor Armoire

Another temperature and humidity controlled cigar humidor with fully insulated doors and cabinetry. This cabinet is framed in African mahogany with a custom stain finish and is accented with zebra wood panels, hidden hinges and custom pulls.

Birdseye Maple Armoire Cabinet

A mission styled custom cigar cabinet framed in clear maple with birdseye maple door and side panels. The elegant curved base highlights the traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Clear matte lacquer finish enhances the beauty of the wood. And the digital temperature and humidity control system inside provides for perfect cigar storage.



Cigar Humidor Armoire 2000 Cabinet

This is a customized version of our standard electronic humidity controlled Reliance Armoire 2000. White oak and custom finish add beauty to this fully insulated mission style cigar cabinet. Like our standard armoire, this cabinet is handcrafted in the true mission style with mortise and tenon joinery. A simple unfinished mahogany interior with adjustable shelves allows for maximum boxed cigar storage.

Reliance 1800 Tower Cigar Cabinet

This humidor tower was designed by our founder to resemble a piece of elegant furniture. The body is tiger maple, the stand, drawer details and in-lay are all black walnut.

Custom Black Walnut Armoire Electronic Cigar Humidor

A handsome addition to any room, our humidor armoires can be ordered in any wood species and multiple finish options. The traditional–style black walnut armoire shown here features burl walnut door and side panels.