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Our wine lockers are exquisite, high-quality cabinets that provide a secure, practical storage option. And when keyed separately, Vigilant wine locker cabinets are the perfect solution for clubs, restaurants, and resorts looking for individualized, secure wine locker storage for members’ wine. 


Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We offer Standard or Custom Locker Designs to suit your space and style.
  • Lockers are self-contained and can be cooled (conditioned) or uncooled (non-conditioned) depending on your vision.
  • We use the finest materials with the most advanced construction technology and techniques, so our lockers can meet any aesthetic requirements.
  • High-tech climate (temperature and humidity) control options are available to meet the most challenging site conditions.
  • Built-in solutions using any wood species and custom finishes so wine lockers seamlessly blend with existing millwork and décor.
Includes Cooling System
Glass or Solid Panel Doors
No Cooling System
Wood, Glass, or Mesh Doors
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Our conditioned wine lockers offer precise climate control, ensuring each bottle is stored at the ideal temperature and humidity for optimal preservation. This is crucial for maintaining the quality and enhancing the longevity of a diverse wine inventory.

Standard Conditioned Lockers start at $________

The other option is a non-conditioned wine locker. These lockers are suitable for short-term storage or for wines less sensitive to environmental variations, offering a more cost-effective solution but without the need for a cooling system.

Standard Non-Conditioned Lockers start at $________


At the heart of every distinguished country club lies the appeal of exclusivity and luxury. Elevating your clubhouse amenities with our bespoke wine lockers isn’t just an enhancement to your club’s prestige; it’s a smart investment with significant returns.

Check out our ROI calculator for insights into the financial benefits of a wine locker program for your business.

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Offering personal wine lockers adds a touch of sophistication and a sense of belonging, greatly enhancing member experience and satisfaction. This personalized feature encourages longer, more frequent visits, fostering a deeper sense of community among members.

Low Maintenance with
High Return-On-Investment

Our state-of-the-art wine lockers are designed for durability and ease of management. This means minimal maintenance for your club while offering a high-value service to your members.

New Members

In the competitive country club landscape, distinguishing your establishment with luxurious amenities is critical. Wine lockers are an attractive feature for prospective members who are wine enthusiasts, helping to set your club apart and draw in a discerning clientele.


Wine lockers present a unique opportunity for additional revenue streams. By offering these as a premium amenity, you can generate income through rental fees or increased membership rates. Furthermore, members are likely to purchase more wines from your club for their locker, boosting sales.


Clients with a private wine locker tend to visit more frequently and increase revenue by paying for the use of the locker.

Pair with
Sommelier Services

Often a wine locker program includes sommelier service to assist members in wine selection – a great service for those patrons looking to expand their wine horizon or are too busy to do the research themselves – another way to increase client loyalty.

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Our standard conditioned and non-conditioned wine locker cabinets are handcrafted in our New Hampshire production facility and come in multiples of 12- or 16-lockers with 4 door options, flat panel or framed panel in wood, glass or mesh.

Time Tested
Stains & Finishes

Standard lockers are offered in mahogany with a choice of 5 standard finish options. If our standard finish doesn’t work, let us know and we are happy to match the finish of your existing millwork. Not sure? Request a free sample of our standard finishes (click swatches to learn more about our finishes). 

Standard Issue

Mahogany is our go-to for wine lockers, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability. Its natural resistance to moisture and decay ensures optimal conditions for wine preservation, while its elegant appearance enhances the overall aesthetic of any business.


Add additional options such as LED lighting, moldings, individually keyed locks, molding, numbered tags, and shelving to create the perfect wine locker for your clients.

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If our standard lockers are not suited to your needs or physical space, we’re happy to design and manufacture a custom locker that fits your exact specifications.

Custom Wood Species

Committed to sustainability, we use responsibly sourced materials without compromising on quality or elegance. If you’re looking for something beyond our standard issue Mahogany, odds are high we’ll be able to accommodate.

Bespoke Design

Our wine lockers are designed into a myriad of configurations to blend seamlessly into your installation site and aesthetic, maximizing both style and storage efficiency.

Custom Finishes

We understand that some projects require a unique finish beyond our standard finish options. We are happy to match the finish of any existing millwork or work with you to create the unique custom finish you’re looking for.