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Retail Cigar Lockers & Display Cabinets

Our retail cigar lockers combine top craftsmanship with worry-free electronic humidification systems. For commercial cigar storage and attractive presentation, these cabinet humidors are the best in the industry. Premium hardwoods, professional cabinet design, and reliable climate control keep large cigar collections in prime condition.

We’ve been designing cigar humidor furniture for top hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts for 20+ years. Our cigar lockers and display cabinets can be custom built to match any decor. Clubs around the world use our lockers to protect and store their members’ cigar collections, enabling them to always access fresh, properly-maintained cigars on demand.

All humidors are made in the U.S. and feature:
  • Integrated digital humidity control
  • Mahogany interiors
  • Proper lighting
  • Secure locking doors
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Standard Cigar Display Cabinets

Our cigar humidor display cabinets are state-of-the-art creations that allow the safe, proper storage and display both loose cigars and boxes. Available in multiple sizes and capacities, our line of display cabinet humidors is designed with the flexibility you need for your space. Custom crafted from the finest wood species and available in multiple finishes, our humidor cabinets work well in almost any environment for any audience.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in three traditional sizes
  • Crafted with superior mahogany wood
  • Available with multiple finish options
  • System solutions for any application
  • Walk-in solutions to front of store display cabinets
  • Ability to match any decor or size space

Standard Retail Cigar Lockers

Custom cigar lockers have a wide appeal as cigar bars and private clubs grow very popular. A set of humidor lockers guarantees the safe, long-term protection of your patrons cigars.

Features of our Cigar Lockers

  • Custom built to any size and specifications
  • Multiple wood species and finish options to match your decor
  • Guardian™ digital humidification systems, accurate to +/- 2%
  • Large distilled water reservoirs for continual cigar protection
  • Send us your design and let us collaborate on your cigar lockers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Custom Cigar Lockers

Humidification Systems

All Vigilant Cigar Locker Cabinets are controlled using our Guardian Humidification Systems. This fully computerized humidification system maintains constant, even humidity to ensure the cabinet is accurate to +/-2% — the most accurate in the business.
  • Stainless steel, rear humidity plenum ensures a constant, even humidity level is maintained in all cabinet lockers
  • Digital humidity display and time-to-fill indicator can be mounted in the humidification locker or displayed outside the cabinet
We can custom build you a humidification system to fit almost any space. Contact us today to discuss your humidification needs.

Wood Species & Finish Options

We craft our cigar lockers out of mahogany standard, but we have built locker storage cabinets out of multiple wood species and varying finishes. We take great pride as cabinetmakers to be able to build any type of cigar locker out of almost any appropriate hardwood. We have used Tiger Maple, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, etc. Talk to one of our design experts about your unique needs.
  • Multiple wood species available for any type of cigar locker project
  • Five standard finish options or we can match any custom swatch or chip
  • Satin lacquer is standard, but we also offer various protective topcoat options

Quality Hardware

All cabinets are precisely fitted with European door hinges, locks, and humidity gaskets. All door locks are keyed differently and two master keys are provided along with two keys for each door. The cabinet’s heavy-duty leveling legs ensure that the cabinet sits level on any floor.
  • Premium hinges and cabinet hardware ensure the stability of the cabinet and protection of the cigars
  • Multiple hardware finish options to match the style of the cigar lockers and decor including brass, bronze, nickel, stainless, etc.
  • Lock sets and keys available for any size bank of lockers with any amount of drawers or bins plus two master keys

Additional Custom Options

Although we build your cigar lockers to suit, our design team can help you come up with unique custom options that may not be shown on our site. We have done large projects involving glass, wire mesh, multiple woods in one set of lockers and much more. If you would like to see something truly unique in your space, let us know and we’ll work through the details with you.
  • Crown molding (adds 2″ to height of cabinets) and other molding options
  • Flat panel or recessed panel doors (see door option samples in our gallery)
  • Custom wood species including Bird’s Eye Maple, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, etc.
  • Custom finishing to your specs including our Clear Guard™ Satin Lacquer
Select from many standard humidification systems or we’ll build a custom system to fit your needs.
Common Wood Species
Standard Wood Stains
Don’t see a stain you like? No problem, we can get you a custom finish to match your decor.
We accommodate custom orders! This mid-construction photo shows a 60-locker cabinet with ebony finish and mesh doors with individual locks was a custom request for a country club.

Commercial Partners

We work with some of the most prestigious clubs, restaurants and hotels around the world.

Here is just a small sample of our recent partnerships.