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Wall Humidors

Reliance Wall Humidors beautifully display and preserve your cigar collection using minimal space. All wall humidors come with adjustable mahogany shelves and clear fronts. They can hold a varying number of cigars, fit easily between stud openings, and require minimal framing or drywall work, but some light carpentry is needed. Each unit comes with the casings attached and prewired for humidification system and low-voltage LED lighting.

Our state-of-the-art electronic humidification systems keep your cigars at the ideal humidity level for a perfect smoke every time. If you want to discuss the best humidor for your space, contact our humidor experts today.



We will work with you to design and build your own custom humidor if one of our standard offerings does not meet your needs.


Our wall humidors can be customized to accommodate any size cigar collections and any space.

Humidors to Fit Your Style & Collection


Display Cabinets

Sentinel 250 Wall Mounted Humidor

Reliance Slim 250/300 In-Wall Humidor

Reliance 350/450 In-Wall Humidor

Reliance 550/750 In-Wall Humidor

Sentinel 250 On-Wall

Capacity: 225-275

Reliance Slim 250 In-Wall

Capacity: 250

Reliance Slim 300 In-Wall

Capacity: 300

Reliance 350 In-Wall

Capacity: 325-375

Reliance 450 In-Wall

Capacity: 425-475

Reliance 550 In-Wall

Capacity: 475-550

Reliance 750 In-Wall

Capacity: 700-750