Wine Cellar Doors

Make an Impression with a Handcrafted Door

A beautiful wine cellar deserves a stunning door to match. Maintaining the integrity of your wine storage environment is not an option, but a requirement. At Vigilant, our focus is on style, energy efficiency and security. Each door is handcrafted using the finest materials and can be customized to your exact specifications.


Vigilant Full Glass Wine Cellar Doors

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Full Glass Doors

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Vigilant Tuscan Style Wine Cellar Doors

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Vigilant Rustic Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Wood Doors

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Vigilant Provincial Style Wine Cellar Doors

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Vigilant Custom Doors for Your Wine Cellar

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Questions to Ask When Buying a Door for Your Wine Cellar

What Kind of Door Do I Want for My Wine Cellar?

There are three main factors to consider when purchasing your wine cellar door:


Doors function as a beautiful entry point to your wine cellar and should secure access to your valuable wine collection. We offer many standard door handles with locks — from key entry to digital keypads. Don't see the hardware you're looking for then we can order a custom set to meet your needs.

Energy efficiency

The most energy efficient doors keep a perfectly cooled wine cellar sealed and keep air from leaking out. All Vigilant doors are made with super-insulated, argon-filled tempered glass, exterior grade materials, and weather stripping.


Your home has a unique aesthetic and a mismatched door creates discord in a design scheme. We offer a wide variety of standard styles and a full array of custom door options including sizes, wood species, finishes and accessories. We manufacture all our doors right here in New Hampshire and can accommodate any custom request to match your individual style.

What Makes a Quality Wine Cellar Door?

All Vigilant doors are handcrafted and made to order by our skilled craftsmen. We carefully select the wood we use, and all of our doors have 1.75" thick solid wood frames and feature a solid threshold and jamb. Many other door companies claim to offer solid wood frames, however they actually use laminated veneer lumber (LVL), or other composite cores. We also use 0.5" thick low-E, argon-filled, insulated glass panels. A high quality insulated door is one of the most important components in the storing of your wine collection (see a comparison).

Should the Door Swing In or Out?

It is preferable to have a door swing into a wine room because the pressure from the cooling system creates a better vacuum seal. Remember to account for the depth of wine racks that may interfere with the door swing. This consideration may reduce overall bottle capacity, so you need to decide what's most important. We recommend leaving 13.5" of wall space to the left and right of the door for the depth of the wine racks. If you do not have 13.5", you'll want wine racking to stop 12-18" from the door wall.

Does the Door Come with a Warranty?

Our 30-day money back guarantee on our standard wine cellar doors is the best warranty in the industry. This, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee are proof of our commitment to quality and value. Company warranties vary, so make sure to review the warranty information of each company you're considering before purchasing a wine cellar door.

Visit our photo gallery to see some of our custom doors
Create a stunning entrance to an entertainment room with a beautifully crafted Vigilant interior door. View this video and our gallery for ideas and inspiration.


Call our door experts to discuss the best options for your entrance:
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Why Should You Choose a Vigilant Wine Cellar Door?

Your wine cellar door is the first thing you see before you enter your wine cellar. It should be beautiful to look at and reflect the interior design style of your wine cellar. It should also protect your wine collection with superior insulating properties and high-quality materials. Vigilant Wine Cellar Doors are both stylish and functional and allow you the design choices to personalize your door and make it your own.


All of our doors are designed and built to the highest standards in our Dover, NH facility. Visit our showroom that features many of our standard and custom products to see our quality for yourself. Call us to make an appointment Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30 pm.

Finest Materials

All materials are hand selected we choose solid hardwoods, insulated glass, and quality corrosion free hardware. All our doors use a full 1 ¾'' thick solid wood frame. We also use the best finishes that are durable and protect your wine cellar door for years to come.


We choose super-insulated ½'', argon-filled, low emissive, tempered glass for our doors to help protect your prized wine collection.

Exterior Grade

Using sturdy materials, weather stripping, insulation, durable finishes and time-tested construction our doors are strong enough to protect your wine cellar from some of the most extreme elements.

Not Mass-Produced

Your door is handcrafted and made to order by our highly skilled New England craftsmen.

The Vigilant Advantage

Craftsmanship has always been the foundation of our company. All Vigilant employees pride themselves on the quality of the products we manufacture. Using the finest materials and the best woodworking techniques, our expert designers and master craftsmen create the finest wood products on the market. Learn more about the Vigilant Advantage.


All doors are made to order so we will happily take any custom requests including size, shape, wood species finish color and more. We have a team of expert designers on staff for complimentary custom design services to help make your vision a reality.

Exceptional Customer Service

In today's fast-paced business world, we think you will appreciate our meticulous attention to detail and our total commitment to your satisfaction. Learn what our customers are saying in their testimonials.

The Best Warranty

When you invest in a Vigilant wine cellar door, you can be assured of two things: that you are receiving the highest quality product made, and that your purchase is backed unconditionally. Our 30-day money back guarantee, the best warranty in the industry, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are proof of our commitment.

One of our craftsmen working in our shop on a custom wine cellar door

We design and hand-build all doors in our woodworking shop.