Crafting the Perfect Glass

Serving the Perfect Glass of Wine Wine is more than a refreshment; it represents a culture of relaxation and luxury, a pairing that outdoes almost all. What if we told you that there is a way to make this culture-filled glass even better? A glass of wine is more than its brand name or lofty ...

Cigar Tasting & Ritual: Chogui Dos77 Corjo Rogusto

A good cigar should be savored and enjoyed, here's how our guest blogger creates a ritual around new and favorite cigar brands.

The Ideal Wine and Food Pairings

Whether it be spending the night in with your significant other or planning a get together with your dear friends, wine is always invited. Having the correct pairing of food and wine takes an enjoyable combo to a delicacy.

Wine Serving Temperatures: Things to Know for the Perfect Glass

When serving wine, the temperature of storage differs from the serving temperature. Knowing what wines to serve at what temperatures is easier than you might think. 

Cigar Shapes and Sizes: What to Know

While standing in front of your local cigar shop’s humidor or browsing online at your favorite tobacconist, you might be reminded of the quote “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” You will either take solace in that fact or become instantly overwhelmed by all the choices. But this is partly a reason why cigars are amazing and enjoyable. You can choose a size based on the time you have available, your taste preference, or because you like the way it looks.

From DIY Design Tool to Install – Client Testimonial

We always love hearing from our clients, and how they use and display our handcrafted wine and humidor storage! Cindy is no exception, but when she ran into a backlog of hiring a contractor, that did not deter her. Using our free 3D Wine Cellar Design tool, and working with a sales consultant, she was ...

Toy Storage to Stunning Wine Room in this DIY Transformation

Try our FUN, EASY DIY 3D Wine Room Planner This 3D wine cellar planning tool makes designing your dream wine cellar easy. Use our full line of wine rack kit products in both Classic (77.5″) and Estate (92.5″ ) heights, and our stackable, connectable modular wine cabinets that easily integrate with our wine racking to achieve a high-quality, custom ...

How To Build A Wine Cellar in 9 Steps

Building a wine cellar? Not sure where to start? Whether you were an enthusiast from the first sip or took years to appreciate a fine Merlot, you’ve undoubtedly amassed an impressive collection of wine. Even if your collection is relatively small, you need a place to store those valuable bottles to maintain them at their ...

5 Wine and Cigar Pairings to Delight Your Palate

When most people think about pairing alcohol and cigars, they think of spirits like brandy, rum, and whiskey. But there are various varieties of wine that make excellent accompaniments to cigars.