Why Choose Vigilant Humidors?

Over 20 Years Experience

Our cigar humidors are the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and technology. Our focus on our passion has allowed us to produce superior cigar storage solutions for serious cigar lovers for over 20 years.

Finest Materials & Craftsmanship

We only select the finest materials and employ skilled craftsmen when building all of our electronic humidor cabinets. Our proprietary humidification systems accurately and reliably control the interior climate of our humidors, ensuring that your cigars are always fresh and protected from harmful environmental conditions.

Best Warranty

All of our products are backed by the best warranty in the business, assuring that your cigars are artfully preserved for years to come.

If You Ever Have Questions?

Call our knowledgeable cigar humidor experts. We love to help!
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Learn why you should choose Vigilant cigar humidors.

Features that make Vigilant Cigar Humidor Cabinets Superior


Vigilant systems are built to be extremely powerful and highly efficient. Every Vigilant system is built around our precision control components using durable materials and efficient designs to deliver highly consistent and even conditioning.


To design dependable systems that meet our accuracy and performance standards while operating at continuous duty year in and out is no small challenge.

  • Vigilant's systems are designed long term operation unlike general purpose, throwaway systems that are mass produced and batch tested
  • We require a minimum useful life of 70,000 hours for all components and are consistently seeing systems more than double that number before requiring service.

Amazing Service Capabilities

We take pride that we are able to offer repair and reconditioning services for all of our systems regardless of age. This is not typical!

Technology is constantly improving resulting in many electronic devices becoming obsolete on average of 5 years. As such, it is very hard or impossible to service electronic devices after discontinuation. Because we design and build all of our systems in-house we have the ability to build forward and backward compatibility into our systems, Whether the system is 5 or 20 years old we can offer service and repair solutions in a fast and cost effective manner.


  • Our team of designers and fabricators will work with you to create your quality custom humidor. Our 20 years of experience with precision environmental control and onsite manufacturing allow us to quickly build custom humidors to fit a wide range of applications.
  • We are constantly building custom systems for myriad of diverse applications. Whether it's individual or combined humidification, dehumidification, heating, or cooling our sales team and technical staff can work with you to carefully adjust design, sensing and control to suit many applications.
Examples of Custom Applications:
  • Tobacco
  • Wine
  • Musical instruments
  • Lab chamber
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Concrete test curing
  • Gun storage

Highest Quality Cabinetry & Control

  • Heirloom-quality cabinetry, built in New England
  • Ultimate humidity control for perfect cigar storage
  • Optional temperature control option for maximum cigar protection
  • Expert custom design - we can build you a custom, cigar humidor cabinet to your specifications
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee from a reliable and solid company

Humidification Methods

  • Our evaporative humidification system delivers gentle, heat-free humidification directly to the humidor.
  • On-board or remote auto-Fill options are available on most Vigilant humidors. The auto-fill feature boasts a redundant fail-safe design for worry free operation. Auto-fill can be either integrated within the system design or supplied loose to be mounted remotely to the water supply line outside of the humidor.

Multiple Control Offerings & Accuracy

All of our systems are individually manufactured, calibrated and tested to meet stringent requirements.

  • Fully-digital, humidity and temperature control options. Accurate to 2%RH and 1F°
  • Affordable, reliable analog, humidity control for most systems. Accurate to 5% RH
  • Intelligent sensing design reacts to changing conditions, maintaining a stable internal environment for cigars

Choose Vigilant for the highest-quality, worry-free electronic cigar humidor cabinets on the market, backed by the best warranty in the industry. It is our commitment to provide you with a product you and your family will be proud to own for generations to come.