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Metal Wine Racks Legacy Gallery

Our wall-mounted metal wine racks store and display wine collections of any size in homes, restaurants, hotels, country clubs…almost anywhere! Below are samples of how metal wine racks can be incorporated into your residential, retail, or commercial wine cellar or wine cabinet project.


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Metal wine racks give you a contemporary look and easily display your wine labels.

Residential Wine Cellars

  • Wine bottles can be displayed on a wall in your wine cellar or room
  • Refrigerated wine cabinets can hold wine bottles with metal wine racks
  • Create a modern sleek look with glass enclosed rooms and cabinets using metal wine racking to display wine bottles
  • Use metal rod bars to store and display your wine

Restaurants & Lounges

  • Display wine bottles in glass enclosed refrigerated wine rooms
  • Mount metal wine racks on walls in dining areas and kitchens
  • Add metal wine rack displays to cabinets
  • Use metal rod bars to store and display your wine

Retail Stores

  • Store and display large quantities of wine bottles
  • Line walls with wine bottles
  • Create display islands
  • Create dramatic displays