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Wine Lockers Legacy Gallery

These standard and custom wine storage lockers will help you gain inspiration for your project. Clubs and organizations love our quality wine lockers because they offer a service to their members while generating a positive ROI. Our conditioned lockers store wine at the perfect serving temperature so members are able to display and choose their fine wines while dining or lounging in their member facility. We offer standard locker configurations but we excel at working with our clients to create a finished product that fits their specific aesthetics and function for their project.

No matter the size, Vigilant’s wine lockers will provide storage and display for your members’ fine wine in cabinetry that you will be proud to display for years. Every locker cabinet is handcrafted in our U.S. woodworking facility and backed by the best warranty in the business as well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn more by reading “Why Choose Vigilant Wine Cabinets & Lockers”.

Vigilant standard and custom wine lockers offer the best design and quality to securely showcase your members’ wine collections. Members pay a nominal yearly fee for convenience and sporting their wine swagger while you increase your profits. It’s a win win!

Boonsboro Country Club


This custom bank of 40 conditioned wine lockers was designed for the historic Boonsboro Country Club, in Virginia. The lockers are made from Mahogany and feature Vigilant’s Harvest finish. Each locker features an adjustable shelf, brass emblem, individually keyed lock and LED display lighting. The state-of-the-art ducted cooling system is programed to maintain red wine serving temperature of 55° to 65°.

Project Features

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Harvest finish
  • Ducted cooling system
  • Display lighting
  • 1 adjustable shelf per locker
  • Insulated glass doors


480 total bottles

Cedar Point Country Club


These modern and stylish wine lockers and cabinets were created for the private room at the club and golf course in Virginia. The wine lockers and cabinets are created from White Oak with a custom finish. 

Project Features

  • White Oak exterior with custom finish
  • Individually keyed locks
  • Remote ducted-split cooling system
  • LED lighting


27 lockers, 14 bottles per locker, 504 total bottles

Kenwood Country Club


This impressive bank of 135 wine lockers was designed for the historic Kenwood Country Club, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The lockers are made from Mahogany and feature a custom finish to match the club’s wood moldings. Each locker features an adjustable shelf, brass emblem, individually keyed lock and LED display lighting. Two state-of-the-art ducted cooling systems are programed to maintain red wine serving temperature of 55° to 65°.

Project Features

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Custom finish
  • Ducted cooling system
  • Display lighting
  • 1 adjustable shelf per locker
  • Insulated glass doors


135 lockers, 12 bottles per locker, 1,620 total bottles

The Park Wine Lockers


These asymmetrical wine lockers were created for the common space in a luxury apartment complex in San Diego. The wine lockers are created from White Oak and finished in our Ebony stain and lacquer. The interior of the lockers feature label forward triple deep metal wine racking and LED display lighting. Each locker includes a bronze emblem and an individually keyed lock for security. Keeping the resident’s wine in perfect condition, are top-mounted cooling systems for red wine storage.

Project Features

  • White Oak exterior with Ebony finish
  • Multi-sized lockers
  • Triple deep metal wine racking
  • Individually keyed locks
  • Red wine cooling zones
  • LED lighting


54 lockers, 783 total bottles

Country Club in Atlanta


These one-of-a-kind wine lockers were made for a prestigious country club in Atlanta, Georgia. The lockers are made from Mahogany and finished in a custom gray paint to match the dining room. Each locker includes a flat shelf, keyed lock and a numbered oval emblem. The focal point of the cabinet is the square arch that sits over a tabletop and additional storage cabinets. Housed above the lockers are two efficient cooling systems perfect for red wine storage.

Project Features

  • 40 Mahogany lockers
  • Custom gray paint finish
  • Square arch with tabletop
  • Individual keyed locks
  • LED display lighting
  • Red wine cooling zones


40 lockers, 16 bottles per locker, 640 total bottles

Napa Prime Chop House


These custom wine lockers were built for the brand-new steakhouse, Napa Prime in Warrendale, PA. Vigilant created three banks of lockers holding 70 individual keyed lockers, each capable of holding up to 12 bottles of wine. The lockers feature wood framed insulated glass doors, Mahogany ladder racking and LED display lighting. Each bank is made from Mahogany with an Ebony finish and have their own cooling system to keep the member’s wine in the optimal conditions.

Project Features

  • Mahogany lockers with Ebony stain and matte lacquer
  • 70 lockers
  • Ladder racking storage
  • Brass hardware and emblems
  • LED display lighting
  • Red wine cooling zones


70 lockers, 12 bottles per locker, 840 total bottles

The Julian at South Pointe


This bank of wine lockers was created for the clubhouse at the South Pointe luxury apartment complex in Mansfield, Texas. The lockers are made from Mahogany and finished in our Espresso stain and matte lacquer. Each locker features a keyed lock, adjustable shelf and insulated wood framed glass door. Keeping each resident’s locker at the perfect temperature for red wine is a cutting edge top mounted cooling system.

Project Features

  • Mahogany lockers with Espresso finish
  • 45 wood framed insulated glass lockers
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Nickel keyed locks
  • LED display lighting


45 lockers, 8 bottles per locker, 360 total bottles

Eagle Oak's Prime & Vine


This custom set of wine lockers was designed for members at the Eagle Oak’s Country Club in Farmingdale, New Jersey. The non-conditioned lockers feature wood framed mesh doors, a Mahogany exterior and a custom finish. Each locker has a brass name plate and keyed lock to secure the member’s treasured wines. Below the lockers are matching storage cabinets that use adjustable Mahogany shelving.

Project Features

  • Mahogany lockers with custom finish
  • 20 lockers capable of holding 12 bottles of wine
  • Wood framed mesh locker doors
  • Brass keyed locks
  • LED display lighting


240 bottles, 12 per locker

Larsen’s Steakhouse


These custom frameless glass wine lockers were the perfect addition to the sophisticated new steakhouse in La Jolla, California. The impressive unit includes 56 individual lockers each holding up to 20 wine bottles. The sleek frameless glass doors allow locker holders to show off their private collection while adding to the ambience of the restaurant. Each locker includes a mahogany ladder rack, LED lighting, chrome hardware and individual keyed locks. To keep each locker at the perfect storage temperature the unit utilizes a state-of-the-art ducted split cooling system.

Project Features

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Frameless glass doors
  • Individual keyed locks
  • Mahogany racking
  • Chrome hardware
  • LED lighting
  • Ducted split cooling system


1,120 bottles

Piper's Landing Yacht & Country Club


Piper’s Landing Yacht and Country Club was in need of a wine storage solution that could accommodate their wine offerings and allow club members to store their own private collection. Vigilant designed a combination unit of wine cabinets and 8 wine lockers crafted from Mahogany and completed with a custom finish to match the dining room’s preexisting millwork. Each wine locker includes a keyed lock and one adjustable Mahogany shelf holding up to 18 bottles. The lockers use fully insulated glass and a top-mounted, rear venting cooling system designed to keep red wine at the perfect storage temperature.

Project Features

  • Built-in Mahogany cabinets and lockers
  • Custom finish to match millwork
  • Dual-pane, tempered, argon-filled low-e glass
  • Adjustable Mahogany shelf
  • LED display lighting


384 (Wine Cabinets-240 bottles | Wine Lockers-144 bottles)

Museum Tower


This was one of our larger wine locker projects to date with a total of 196 non-conditioned lockers. The lockers line a temperature controlled hallway and tasting room of the Museum Tower condominiums. The cabinets have a mahogany exterior with an ebony finish and lacquer. Each locker has double deep racking holding either 32 or 40 bottles of wine. All interior racking was handcrafted from pine and finished with an ebony stain. The wine room also includes a tasting table made from 6 wine lockers making it the perfect spot for sharing a glass of wine.

Project Features

  • 196 lockers each holding up to 40 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany with ebony finish
  • Interior pine wine racking
  • Individual keyed locks
  • Wine locker tasting table


6,692 bottles

Landmark Gateway Community


This new high-end apartment community wanted to entice potential residents by including rentable conditioned wine lockers available to tenants. The lockers are split into two equal units each consisting of 32 individual lockers that line the hallway leading to the lounge. The lockers are made of solid mahogany inside and completed with our ebony stain and lacquer finish. Each locker comes complete with one adjustable shelf and individual keyed lock for secure storage.

Project Features

  • 64 lockers each holding up to 14 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany with Ebony finish
  • Fully insulated flat panel framed glass doors
  • Ducted split cooling system
  • Locks and knobs with silver nickel finish
  • LED Lighting


896 bottles

Conditioned Wine Lockers for Vine Vault


Designed for the sophisticated Vine Vault facilities located in Atlanta Georgia, this bank of 54 climate controlled lockers is the focal point of the members lounge. The locker bank boasts an impressive 13 feet tall by 12 feet wide and is handcrafted with finest materials including solid mahogany, brush nickel finished locks and dual-pane insulated glass panels. Each locker is secured with a digital access keypad and can easily protect 12 bottles of a member’s wine collection.

Project Features

  • 54 lockers each holding a maximum of 12 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany with Chestnut stain and matte lacquer
  • Rolling ladder to access top lockers
  • Dual-pane, tempered, argon-filled, low-e glass panes
  • Brush nickel hardware and name plates
  • Individual digital access keypads and nameplates
  • LED lighting


648 bottles

GreatHorse Country Club


In partnership with TMS Architects of Portsmouth, NH, we designed these custom oak, non-conditioned wine lockers for the GreatHorse Country Club in Hampden, Massachusetts. Handcrafted in white oak and finished to match existing millwork, these lockers feature individual cubbie storage, custom geometric knobs and locks that are keyed separately to ensure secure storage of member’s personal collections. Each locker is accented with LED lighting to create a dramatic look.

Project Features

  • Made from Oak with a custom finish to match existing millwork
  • Custom brushed nickel geometric knobs
  • Custom individual bottle cubbie storage
  • Independent leveling legs and a customized top panel to ensure a built-in perfect fit
  • LED accent lighting


360 bottles of wine (per cabinet)

International Country Club


The initial scope of the project called for a bank of 30 wine storage lockers but after 2 years the lockers were in high demand and the International Club ordered another set of 15. The entire bank was handcrafted from mahogany with a cordovan finish. Each individual cabinet features a framed wire mesh doors and an adjustable shelf. For security, the member’s lockers were fitted with a brass finished lock and key to keep their wine collection safe.

Project Features

  • 45 lockers each holding up to 12 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany
  • 1 adjustable shelf per locker
  • Individual keyed locks
  • Polished brass hardware
  • Crown and base molding

The Fountains Southend


This bank of 20 lockers was designed for the gathering space at the Fountains Southend, a vibrant apartment community in Charlotte, NC. The cabinets have a mahogany interior and exterior all completed with a custom finish to match the room’s decor. The top lockers are fully insulated and refrigerated while the base cabinets are non-conditioned. When residents are in the gathering room they can unlock their locker and enjoy a glass of their favorite wine at the perfect drinking temperature.

Project Features

  • 20 lockers each holding up to 12 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany with custom finish
  • Fully insulated flat panel framed glass doors on top
  • Flat panel solid wood doors and drawer fronts on bottom
  • Top Mounted single zone cooling system behind louvered panels
  • 1 adjustable shelf per locker
  • Matching mahogany trim


240 bottles of wine

Crescent Music Row


In partnership with Balfour Beatty, a leading commercial builder we created a bank of custom wine lockers for Crescent Music Row, a luxury apartment complex located in the heart of Nashville. These fully insulated mahogany lockers received a custom paint finish to match the decor of the community clubroom. Each locker is secured with individualized keys to protect resident’s personal wine collection.

Project Features

  • 9 lockers each holding approximately 23 bottles
  • Solid Mahogany with a high-gloss custom paint finish
  • Single zone cooling unit
  • 2 adjustable shelves per locker
  • Glass panel doors with hidden adjustable European hinges
  • LED lighting


207 bottles

Nine52 Condominiums


When Spivak Architects and GAIA Realtors of New York contacted us to build them this contemporary multi-sized wine locker cabinet for their resident’s wine lounge we couldn’t have been more ecstatic to help them. The Nine52 Condominiums reside in the heart of historic Hells Kitchen in Manhattan and our wine locker cabinet is the focal point of a shared wine lounge for their residents. Their wine-loving residents can choose the size of their locked, perfectly chilled wine storage based on the size of their personal wine collection.

Project Features

  • Custom exterior finish to match client sample
  • Asymmetrical, varied size wine lockers
  • Modern metal wine racks storing 12-36 bottles of wine
  • Individually keyed with LED lighting
  • Remote water cooled, ducted system
  • Natural wood interior
  • Adjustable Euro Hinges, locks & knobs in nickel finish


500 bottles of wine

Red Run Golf Club


This bank of 36, non-conditioned wine lockers happily resides at Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak, MI. The lockers and bookend shelves are crafted from sapele mahogany with custom finish. Each locker is individually keyed and equipped with LED lighting and adjustable shelves for the desired wine layout of each member. This makes for easy access and attractive storage for individual wine collections. The locker bank fits in a narrow hallway and separates the club’s dining area from the club house, acting as a useful yet beautiful centerpiece for the club’s main building. The fixture above the wine lockers is a glass divider with a printed image of the club’s golf holes — adding continuity and a sense of community for the club members.

Project Features

  • 36 non-conditioned lockers for club members
  • Sapele mahogany with custom finish
  • Solid mahogany finished tabletop and bookend shelves
  • LED lighting in each member’s locker
  • Each locker has an adjustable shelf
  • Name tags and individually keyed for members


The wine lockers turned out great – there are many more happy members! I’d be happy to be a reference for any future customers you may have. Our experience with you from design to delivery was very good and the product is fantastic.  — D. Jacques, Club Manager


432 bottles / 12 bottlers per locker

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association


Designed for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (FRLA), this bank of non-conditioned wine lockers makes a statement in the FRLA’s boardroom. Handcrafted from mahogany, each of the 60 individual lockers feature tempered glass for viewing and an adjustable shelf within, allowing for a capacity of approximately 12 bottles per locker. The lockers feature custom stain with lacquer and oil rubbed bronze hardware for a timeless aesthetic. For an added touch of richness, the bank of lockers are adorned with crown molding as well as a solid base molding.

Project Features

  • Bank of 60, single deep lockers with an adjustable shelf in each
  • Bottle capacity of approx. 12 bottles per locker
  • Crafted from mahogany with wood framed, tempered glass locker doors
  • Custom stain with lacquer
  • Solid base molding and crown molding
  • Adjustable Euro hinges, with oil rubbed bronze hardware


720 bottles

Blythefield Country Club


Custom designed and built, with Wolverine Building Company for Blythefield Country Club. These refrigerated wine lockers are handcrafted out of Poplar wood and feature a custom exterior finish with client-supplied hardware giving it a contemporary feel. The interior is made of mahogany with our espresso finish for a rich look and with the added flexibility of an adjustable shelf in each locker. Individually keyed lockers vary in size, offering members more locker rental options.

Project Features

  • Varying-sized lockers
  • Asymmetrical, varied size wine lockers
  • Crafted with Poplar, a custom wood species
  • Custom exterior finish and custom hardware
  • Mahogany interior with our Espresso finish
  • Each locker offers an adjustable shelf
  • Top mounted cooling system above lockers (not shown in photo)
  • Interior LED lighting


684 bottles

Spring Brook Country Club


This free standing bank of 20 wine lockers was crafted for the Spring Brook country club in Morristown, New Jersey. It contains a single zone cooling system and LED lighting, as well as individually keyed locks for easy guest access. It shows off a custom finish, making the cabinets an elegant centerpiece for the club’s common room.

Project Features

  • Mahogany cabinet finished in a custom stain on both interior and exterior
  • Lockers store 12 bottles each
  • Single zone, top mounted cooling system
  • LED lighting
  • Heavy duty, satin nickel door knobs and hardware


240 bottles

Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club


These custom-built conditioned wine lockers were designed for the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club’s private dining room in Norfolk, VA. Built to store individual members’ collections, the 68 individual mahogany lockers have a custom finish and hold 16 bottles each. This project was recognized by the Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate (HRACRE) with an Award of Excellence in the “Best Interior” category.

Project Features

  • Award winning design featuring Vigilant’s custom mahogany refrigerated wine cabinets
  • Individual wine lockers grace the walls in the private dining area and house up to 12 bottles of the members’ personal collections
  • Interior display lighting, slide out shelving and front venting cooling system


We have a strong Wine Club and faithful following so when we started a major renovation of the dining rooms we decided to design a wine room which included member wine lockers (68 of them initially). These were expertly designed and meticulously crafted by Vigilant to meet our exact specifications. They are handsome, functional and have served us throughout the years. They were so popular that the 68 lockers sold out in two weeks and they have stayed booked since installation (we charge $800 for the locker and $85 per year maintenance fee). We have since added an additional 28 Vigilant lockers that were placed in the foyer to the dining room. Guess what? We still have a waiting list of members wanting a locker. We are looking into where we can add additional club wine lockers…it will definitely be a call to Vigilant to work through another custom job.

Also I must say that Vigilant built us a beautiful 800 bottle Wine Cabinet for the main dining room that perfectly matches the décor and style.  — J. Milleson, Club Manager


500 bottles

Briar Country Club


  • Adjustable mahogany shelf in each locker holding up to 12 bottles of wine
  • Self-contained, top mounted & vented cooling systems
  • Ebony stain and lacquer exterior finish
  • Oil-rubbed bronze hardware
  • Individually keyed locks
  • LED lighting per locker


480 bottles of wine/12 bottles per locker

Abenaqui Country Club


  • Framed tempered glass doors with adjustable euro hinges
  • Adjustable mahogany shelf in each locker holding up to 14 bottles of wine
  • Ebony stain and matte lacquer exterior finish
  • Brass hardware and individual brass plates
  • Individually keyed locks
  • Finished framed end panels
  • LED lighting per locker


336 bottles of wine

Wynstone Golf Club


The exclusive Wynstone Golf Club in North Barrington, Illinois chose us to construct special wine lockers for their private dining room. A combination of member lockers and center display cabinet was designed and built for the golf club’s wine display. The individual keyed lockers have brass nameplates and store the personal wine collections of the members for access when dining at the club. The lockers are made of African mahogany stained to match the interior design of the facility, and feature a center display case. A rolling mahogany ladder provides access to the upper lockers.

Project Features

  • Single zone refrigerated wine lockers
  • African mahogany interior and exterior
  • Custom stain finish matched to the club’s existing woodwork
  • Individually locked, mahogany-framed, insulated glass doors
  • Mahogany louvered front panels for system access and venting
  • LED accent lighting inside display case
  • Mahogany rolling ladder to match cabinet finish


846 bottles of wine

Custom Wine Cabinets & Lockers


This handcrafted climate controlled, Mahogany wine cabinet/wine locker combination cabinet was designed and built specifically as a display showpiece. The furniture quality wine cabinets boast solid 1-3/4″ mahogany framed, insulated glass panel doors with heavy duty hinges, classic bar pulls, locks and weather stripping. To ensure that the doors maintain a perfect seal, independent leveling legs have been added behind the toe kick.


Inside, there are solid mahogany, slotted shelves that hold Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne bottles. There is also an angled bottle display shelf to highlight your best wine labels. LED accent lighting completes the dramatic look.


The Lockers also have solid mahogany framed, insulated glass doors with locks (keyed separately) and knobs. Each locker includes a single adjustable shelf and LED lighting. These lockers can store standard 750 ml wine bottles as well as 1.5L wine bottles. The lockers hold up to 18 bottles each for a capacity of 144 bottles.


The ultra-quiet climate control system, housed behind the upper louvered panels, maintains optimal temperature for storing wine. The mahogany framed louvered panels are removable for easy access to the system for maintenance.


338 bottles of wine

Charlotte City Club


  • Individual secured, refrigerated lockers
  • Each locker houses 40 bottles in slatted shelves
  • Insulated glass viewing panels and doors
  • LED back lighting to illuminate the wine collection from either side of the cabinets


1,600 bottles