WhisperKOOL 8000 Ceiling Mount Ductless-Split Cooling Unit

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37.75"w x 14.5"h x 12.75"d

Product Description

Manufactured by: Vinotheque


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WhisperKOOL's Ceiling Mount Ductless Split wine cellar cooling system is ideal for those looking to maximize wine bottle storage capacity. Because the system is recessed up in the ceiling, it conserves valuable wall space for wine storage and is virtually invisible! A Ceiling Mounted evaporator is designed with the highest quality, professional grade parts for longevity and performance, it also offers ease of installation and accessibility. It includes a condensate pump system, and is available with a Active Humidity option. The grille of unit comes with a smooth, black primed finish, excellent for painting and color matching. A Ceiling Mount Split System will offer the flexibility to design a beautiful wine cellar environment up to 2000 cu. ft for the aging of fine wines with a virtually invisible cooling system.



  • Evaporator 35.75”L x 14.5”W x 12.75”H
  • Condensor 31.18"L x 10.75"W x 21.18"H



  • Evaporator: 80lbs
  • Condenser: 69lbs


  • Cu. Ft: 2000
  • Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Key Features:

  • Excellent efficiency by drawing in the warmer air at the ceiling
  • Cools and disperses the air throughout the wine cellar
  • Allows for maximum wine bottle capacity
  • Virtually invisible in the wine cellar
  • Active Humidity Option
  • Ease of installation and accessibility
  • Includes a condensate pump systems
  • Low ambient control
  • 220V High Efficiency (H.E.) Condenser
  • Two year parts and labor / five year compressor warranty

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Pre-Order Checklist:

  • Consult a wine cellar professional to ensure proper unit application
  • For through the wall installations, ensure that the exhaust area is adequate for heat dissipation and noise
  • Cellar is properly lined with a vapor barrier
  • Evaporator : 120V (15-amp dedicated circuit required)**
  • Condenser:  220V (15-amp dedicated circuit required)**
  • Drain line accommodation
  • Cellar volume (LxWxH) is less than or equal to units recommended capacity
  • For cellars that have windows or cement (not recommended), an oversized unit will compensate for the cooling loss