Wicking Filter Pack GS10-LEGACY Systems mfg’d pre-11/2020 (2″w x 4.25″h x 4.5″l)

Starting at: $50.00


2″w x 4.25″h x 4.5″l

Product Description

A package of 3 paper-based filters used for wicking moisture from a water reservoir into the air. The GS10 filter is used in the systems of the following cabinets and Guardian and Sentry 10 standalone humidification systems manufactured BEFORE 11/1/2020.


Humidor Cabinets

  • Armoire 1000 – Traditional and contemporary models
  • Sentinel End Table 500, 1000, 1500 – Traditional and contemporary models manufactured before 3/2020
  • Reliance End Table 500, 1000, 1500 – Contemporary models manufactured after 2/2014. *Reliance 500 bought prior to 2014 purchase here

Humidification Systems (manufactured BEFORE 11/2020)

  • Sentry 10
  • Guardian 10

Dimensions: 2″w x 4.25″h x 4.5″l


If you are unsure of your cabinet model please contact us (888) 812-4427.


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