Through Wall Cooling Unit Comparison

Below is a chart of the key feature differences between the Wine Guardian and WhisperKOOL through-the-wall cooling units. We hope this chart of information helps you determine which through wall wine cellar cooling unit is the right choice for you but don't hesitate to call us with any questions, we're happy to help you understand the differences.

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Wine Guardian


Model Number TTW009 TTW018 SC4000i SC8000i
Max Cubic ft 850 1500 1000 2000
Cooling Capacity Up to 1500 cubic feet at 55°F 350 to 2000 cubic feet at 55°F
Energy Efficiency (see full load amps) More efficient due to cooling at 55 degrees, wine storage temperature Less efficient as it cools 4200 cubic feet at 70 degrees and must work harder to cool 1500 to 55 degrees
Full Load Amps 2.5 4.2 4.9 10.3
Refrigerant R134A R134A
Weight (pounds) 60 62 67 104
Mounting Installed flush or in room, customer choice Vent will stick out into room
Warranty 2 yrs. parts & labor 2 yrs. parts & labor/5yr compressor
Sensor Type Air (Temp. & Humidity) Liquid Bottle Probe
Maximum Conditions Ambient (°F) 95 85
Temperature Reading Displays both temperature and humidity;
Remote Sensor Option
Displays temperature, but not humidity;
PDT reading
Construction Commercial components: corrosion-resistant all-aluminum frame Polymer coated galvanized steel housing
High Capacity Fans Yes No
Decibel Reading 57db 68db 68db
Sound Inside - dBA[1]* 59.5 61 60 65
Sound Outside - dBA[1]* 57.8 57.7 65.3 62.5
Airflow Direction Control Yes No
Airflow (FT/min) [3]* 99 147 130 337
Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) [2]* 1007 2163 1112 2972
Energy Consumption(Watts)*s 288 358 473 677
Energy Efficiency
(cooling capacity per watt)*
3.50 6.04 2.35 4.39
Ductable Warm Air Exhaust Yes With purchase of fan kit
Humidity Readout Yes No
Multiple Sensor Capability Yes No
Remote Control/Readout Yes No
Mounting Sleeve Yes No
ETL and CSA Listing Yes Yes
Installation Easy mount one-piece wall sleeve and support frame; attatchment to studs not needed Installed between wall studs and attached to studs
On Site Service Yes No
Performance data based on manufacturers' published results.
* Asterisked information above is derived data from notes supplied by Air Innovations news release
[1] dBA (decibels/A scale): Sound readings at 3 feet. A change of 3 dBA is approximately equal to two units running side by side; 10 dBA is a doubling of noise.
[2] Cooling capacity ratings at: Wine cellar return air temperature 58.3°F, average humidity 53.7%
[3] Condenser air inlet temperature of 74.5°F, average humidity 30.6%