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The wine cellar door is the grand entrance to your wine cellar and one of the most important aspects of a wine cellar build-out as it protects the environment for the wine to properly age. There are many important choices that need to be made in order to ensure the wine is protected, and many of them revolve around your choice of wine cellar doors.

To best serve you and the design of a wine cellar door that meets all of your needs, it is important for us to gain some insight into the ideas you have for your door. Please fill out and submit this online form or select our downloadable PDF version that can be filled out and faxed or emailed to us. After we have received your information, we will contact you to discuss your door and answer any questions you may have.

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Build Your Wine Cellar Door

Classic Wine Cellar Door
Value Classic Winecellar Door
Value Classic

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Full Glass WineCellar Door
Full Glass
Half Glass Wine Cellar Doors
Half Glass
Piedmont Solid Wood Wine Cellar Doors

(All Solid Wood)
Provincial Solid Wood WineCellar Doors

(All Solid Wood)
Hand Carved Solid Wood WineCellar Doors
Hand Carved Design
(All Solid Wood)
Wine Cellar
Arch Shaped Wine Cellar Doors
Square Shaped Wine Cellar Doors
Square Arch Shaped Wine Cellar Doors
Sq Arch
Radius Shaped Wine Cellar Doors

(Classic Doors Only)

*Unfinished Doors Require a Completed Vigilant Finish Waiver


* Sizes represent
single door dimensions

Wine Cellar Door Installation

*Jamb size assumes ½" wall covering. Please let your sales consultant know if otherwise.

Choose based on looking at the door from the outside of the cellar.

Hinged Left Swing In
Hinged Left, Swing In
Hinged Left Swing Out
Hinged Left, Swing Out
Hinged Right Swing In
Hinged Right, Swing In
Hinged Right Swing Out
Hinged Right, Swing Out

Door Handleset

Classic Lever Handleset
Digital Keypad Handleset
Bethpage Handleset
Stonegate Handleset
No Handleset Needed

Learn more about our door handleset pricing.
Vigilant does not bore the door unless one of our handle sets are purchased.

*Finish color is for representational purposes only. **A finish for hinges must be chosen even if no handleset has been purchased.

Brass Finish

(Not on Bethpage handlesets)
Satin Nickel Finish
Satin Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Oil Rubbed Bronze

(Not on Digital Keypad handlesets)
Venetian Bronze
Aged Bronze

(Digital Keypad
handlesets only)
Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

(Classic Lever handlesets only)

Windows | Clavos | Mullions

Window With Grate

Information icon Window with Grate

(Classic doors only)
Faux Speakeasy Door With Wrought Iron Grate

Information icon Faux Speakeasy with Iron Grate

(All wood and solid wood doors only)
Speakeasy Door with Window Grate

Information icon Speakeasy Door with Window Grate

(Piedmont and Provincial doors only)
No door option selected

Clavos Yes

Information icon Yes - Clavos

(Classic and all Wood Doors Only)

Clavos No

Mullions Yes

Information icon Yes - Mullions

(Glass Doors Only)
Clavos No

Wrought Iron Grates

Trellis Wrought Iron Door Grate

Information icon Trellis
Vineyard Wrought Iron Door Grate

Information icon Vineyard
Diamond Wrought Iron Door Grate

Information icon Diamond Scroll
XScroll Wrought Iron Door Grate

Information icon X-Scroll
Spear Wrought Iron

Information icon Spear
Custom Wrought Iron Door Grate


All wrought iron grates have a 6-8 week lead time and ship separately from doors.

Door Casings

Flat 3 inch casings

Information icon Flat 3" wide
Fluted 4 inch casings

Information icon Fluted 4" wide


Decorative Crown Molding

Decorative Crown Molding
Information icon Crown Molding
Decorative wood trim



Decorative Door Keystone Element

Information icon
Keystone Element
A decorative element above door

Wine Cellar Door Sidelights

15 Inch Sidelight

30 Inch Sidelight

1 Sidelight Right
1 on right side of door (from outside)

1 Sidelight Left
1 on left side of door (from outside)

2 Sidelights

Wine Cellar Windows

Square Wine Cellar Window
Arch Wine Cellar Window

Glass Etching

Square Border Etching

Grape Border Etching

Custom Border Etching

Grape Center Etching

Personalized Initial Center Etching

Custom Center Etching

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