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Wine Cellar Terms

Learn the latest wine cellar terms that will make you an expert when tackling your next wine storage project and maybe even some wine tastings!




BASE MOLDING – Base molding is designed to be applied to the bottom of our mahogany racking without interfering with bottle storage. It is 2.5″ high with a decorative bead profile.

BEAM SUPPORT – Solid wood beam that adds structure to support racking above.


CAD – Computer Aided Design – We uses Solidworks™, AutoCAD™ and 3D Studio Max to create your wine cellar drawings.

CASCADE – Sometimes referred to as a waterfall, our cascade is a beautiful and functional addition to any wine cellar. The top bottle positions are great for displaying your favorite wines.

CASINGS – Trim surrounding wine cellar doors and windows. Can be standard or fluted.

CENTER ETCHING – Etching in the center of the glass on our wine cellar doors. Available in grape cluster or personalized upon request.

CROWN MOLDING – TA sculptured-style top molding used in our kit and custom wine cellars.

CURVED CORNERS – True radius curve option for (90°) corner storage of individual bottles.


DIAMOND BIN – A popular bulk and/or case storage option. Offered in solid panel styles.

DIAMOND BIN TABLE BASE – Incorporates capacity storage such as our full Diamond Bin, but at table height. Can stand alone or fit nicely under our Soffit Arch.

DIAMOND CUBE – Excellent for bulk storage. Newly redesigned to be one piece and still the same height as the rest of our kit racks.

DOUBLE DEEP – The depth of the wine rack, equal to two standard size bottles.

DUCTLESS SPLIT COOLING SYSTEM – Wine cellar cooling unit for your wine cellar. The System is ‘split’ into two separate units: Evaporator – hangs in your cellar, Condenser – sits outside the wine cellar, usually out of the home. These wine cellar cooling units are connected with copper plumbing (instead of ducting) and need professional installation by a certified HVAC professional.


ETCHING – Etching is a process where a wine cellar door gets imprinted upon using a blasting technique. We have many standard and personalized etching options for our wine cellar doors.

END TABLE – A piece of furniture designed to sit at the end of a couch or next to a chair. End tables range in height from 25″ to 32″.


FILLER SCRIBE OR FILLER STRIP – Solid mahogany strips most often used to join or fill in between racks and corners for a seamless look.

FILLER TABLE – Solid panel placed underneath individual racking at table height. It can also be used under stone counters to stabilize racking below.

FINISHED TABL – Exposed, satin finished table tops.


HANDLESETS – Pre-installed accessory door handles for all of our wine cellar doors. Choose from many styles and finishes.

HIGH REVEAL DISPLAY ROW – A single row on our mahogany wine racking that features an extra-large opening for displaying a row of wine bottles at tilted 20°. Typically this row is used to display choice wine bottles in a collection and can be highlighted with our LED lighting above it to make it really stand out in your wine cellar.

HYGROMETER – A mechanical indicator that displays the relative humidity of a space. Traditional non-electronic analog hygrometers are generally accurate to about 10% while electronic digital versions are accurate to less than 5%. Our hygrometers are accurate to 2%.


INDIVIDUAL RACKING – The building block of any wine cellar and the most common wine storage racking style. Each bottle has its own position within the wine rack. All our standard individual wine racking is offered with a display row that displays bottles at a 20° angle.


KIT WINE RACKING – Our wine rack kits are pre-designed and require minimal on-site assembly. They are available in two heights, 92.5″ and 77.5″, and come in multiple pre-stained finish options.


MAGNUM RACK – An individual wine rack with openings large enough to accommodate magnum-sized bottles and champagne bottles.

MAHOGANY – A naturally rot-resistant tropical hard wood species found along the equatorial line in South America, Africa and South East Asia.

MAHOGANY WINE CELLAR DOOR – A full 1 3/4″ thick and pre-hung in solid mahogany jambs, our doors feature double insulated glass panels and exterior grade weather stripping.

MODULAR WINE CABINETS – Modular wine cabinets refer to cabinets that have the ability to be completely customized through a series of build stages. Our modular wine cabinets can be customized with drawers, doors, inserts, odorless pre-stain, and other options.


ODORLESS PRE-STAIN – We use a water-based stain that is applied to your wine racks prior to us delivering them to you. We refer to our finish as pre-stain because we apply it, not you and it is virtually odor free assuring that your wine will not be negatively affected in any way.


QUARTER ROUND DISPLAY – Shelving unit used for an end cap to wine racking providing the perfect custom touch to your wine cellar.


RADIUS ARCH – A true full radius arched used in doors and wine racking soffit arches.

RECTANGULAR BIN – A popular bulk and/or case storage option.

RECTANGULAR BIN STEMWARE SHELF – A solid-panel shelf option that allows you to hang your stemware in our rectangular bins.


SEGMENTED CORNER – Attractive, affordable option for corner storage of individual bottles. The segmented corner adds a custom look without the expense of a true custom curve corner.

HARVEST STAIN – A specially formulated finish for your mahogany wine racks that will unify the wood’s color and provide some protection. Our stain is water based and will not leave an odor. Available in pints and quarts.

SIDELIGHT – Sidelights are glass panel windows adjacent to a doorway.

SINGLE DEEP – The depth of the wine rack equal to one bottle.

SOFFIT ARCH – An affordable option for an arched table opening. They are available in various custom sizes.

STEMWARE RACK – A racking accessory that hangs anchored above one of our tables used for hanging wine glasses.


TABLE BASE – We offer several table bases that can go below our table tops or our arch tops. These tables serve as great places for serving and decanting.

TABLE TOP – Finished solid panels sit atop our table bases to create a place for decanting and serving.

THROUGH WALL COOLING SYSTEM – Wine cellar cooling unit solution for your wine cellar. This unit is installed much like an air conditioner.

TOP MOLDING – Our basic style top molding generally used for our wine rack kits. It can be applied directly to the front of all of our kit racks. Properly applied, it will protrude 1″ above the rack and still allow for bottle storage above.


VERTICAL DISPLAY RACK – Adjustable shelving rack best used for displaying large format bottles.


WATER BASED STAIN – A non-solvent based stain or top coat such as our Mahogany stain.

WINE ROOM – A wine room is another name for a wine cellar. If a room is above ground and properly stores wine, it can be called a wine room or a wine cellar.

WINE TASTING ROOM OR TASTING AREA – A wine tasting room or tasting area usually refers to the room or space just outside of the wine cellar where tastings take place. These areas are usually not inside of the wine cellar because the temperature of the wine cellar is cooler than the tasting area needs to be.