Wine Cellar Humidity

Why is Humidification Important for Your Wine Cellar?

The importance of humidity cannot be overlooked in your wine cellar. Humidification is the process of adding moisture into the air. Proper humidity levels are often overlooked during the wine cellar building process, but their importance is paramount for proper wine preservation.

Humidity refers to the concentration of water vapor in the air. Through a perpetual natural cycle, moisture is evaporated from the earth and then returned as precipitation. Relative Humidity (RH) is the percentage of water vapor the air is holding at a given temperature. In your wine cellar, the RH can fluctuate above and below the optimal range of 60 to 65% required for proper wine storage. The ability to maintain proper RH is crucial to providing the proper wine room environment and ensuring quality wine storage.


Is your wine at risk? Be sure to maintain the humidity levels in your wine cellar.

Seasonal and geographic factors will drive humidity levels up and down well out of the optimal range for wine storage in virtually every part of the world. An exception to this rule might be very moist areas like Florida. However, the need to actively cool your wine space may reduce humidity levels below the optimal wine storage levels. We provide both through wall and fully ducted wine cellar humidification systems to add the needed humidity to protect your investment.

A well-insulated wine room with vapor barriers in the walls and the ceiling might mean that your wine cellar will require less moisture to maintain the required levels of RH. A loosely constructed wine room may require five times more moisture during the same time period.

Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit

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Choosing the correct humidification system


The unit should be capable of maintaining the correct level of RH considering the size, construction and other characteristics of your wine cellar.


Wine cellarhumidification systems should be completely automatic, eliminating the need for frequent humidistat adjustments. These types of units can generate up to 50% more moisture than other humidifiers.

Sturdy Construction

A properly constructed humidifier uses materials that are rust proof where necessary and corrosion proof where required.


When purchasing a humidification system, look for those that require no manual filling. Many units are also equipped with drains to flush out minerals. They normally require attention only once or twice per year, depending on the degree of water hardness being run through the unit.


Be sure to select a humidification system with a wetted pad design that introduces humidity as a vapor. These units do not emit bacteria or white dust into the air stream.

Questions to ask your wine cellar sales representative:

What types of humidification systems are available?

A: There are two types that are most appropriate for your wine cellar. A through wall system that will mount through your wine cellar wall and deliver humidified air right into the cellar, or a ducted humidification system that will bring air into the cellar through flex or hard ductwork.

What size humidification system do I need to provide the capacity required by my wine cellar?

A: The systems we provide can properly humidify wine cellars ranging in size from 400 cubic feet or less up to 8,400 cubic feet. Our team of knowledgeable experts can help you pinpoint which system would work best for your cellar.

Do the humidification systems have controls?

A: All our humidification systems come standard with controls. Our ducted humidification system comes with a digital humidistat and a digital thermostat, and our through wall system comes standard with digital controls.

Do the system's methods of humidification require much maintenance?

A: No, our humidification systems are designed specifically to be relatively maintenance free. These systems are constructed with rust proof materials and are designed to resist the damages caused by water residue. Corrosion from water residue and rust are noted as the biggest two problems for humidification systems. Our systems are built to last in any wine cellar application.