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Humidors in Motion

Despite living in an ever-changing, fast-paced world, cigars have managed to remain steeped in rich tradition and are one of the few things that remind us of a slower time. The beauty of the cigar is that in most ways it has remained constant. Unlike many other industries, the cigar industry doesn’t require continual evolution and technological advance. With an increasingly digital and fast paced world, people are inevitably becoming more mobile. What if cigars could move with us without compromising their ideal storage environment? That’s exactly what we have been developing with custom cigar humidors in motion.

Imagine having a built-in cigar humidor cabinet on-board a yacht and enjoying a perfectly stored cigar at sea. Or instead of a bulky desktop humidor box, imagine storing your cigars in a built-in, removable cigar drawer. These are some of the features we have designed into our mobile humidors.

The distinguishing cigar aficionado knows not all humidors are created equal. Most think of humidors as stationary desktop boxes or humidor cabinets. The pull out cigar drawer or “humidrawer” is not front of mind because of the constrictions caused by the humidification system. Electronic humidification systems require power and the use of distilled water. A pull out cigar drawer using this type of humidification system would be encumbered by the power cord and would allow water to spill and splash causing damage to the humidor. This restriction was addressed by our experts by designing a custom system that utilizes a special humidification agent and a flexible retractable power cord. This enables the humidrawer to function in conjunction with the system, allowing the humidor to maintain the ideal environment for the storage of cigars.

Moving off land and onto the sea, the yachting world is no stranger to making ideas come to life. It’s an industry where if you can dream it, you can do it, from on-board submarines to anti-paparazzi lasers that block photographer’s cameras from capturing images. However, when it comes to storing cigars on your yacht, the rolling and sometime turbulent motion requires a customized humidor solution, strategically engineered to account for its home on a moving vessel. One such project included the custom built-in humidor we designed and handcrafted for the stateroom on the 100 foot luxury charter yacht, King Baby. This beautiful humidor was designed and crafted so that guests can enjoy the pleasure of smoking perfectly humidified cigars as they cruise the waterways. Until now, cigar and yacht lovers were often restricted to small cigar humidor boxes, but with the help of Vigilant now seafarers can enjoy the true luxury of a built-in cigar humidor and leave the small cigar humidor boxers behind.

Much of what we do is custom made and because we have people—not machines designing and building our products, we are able to build humidors without traditional limitations. Much like the yachting world, what we produce is only limited to the imaginations of our customers.

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