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Importance of Humidity in a Wine Cellar

Today we are going to discuss the importance of proper humidification in your wine cellar. Often overlooked, maintaining proper humidity in your wine cellar environment is paramount to preserving your wine collection.

Many people do not understand that when a wine cellar is cooled to a temperature of 55-60 degrees F, a conventional wine cellar system will take moisture from the air to achieve this range. That moisture is what helps keep the cork in the bottle moist, which protects your wine from oxidation.

Oxidation is defined as the combination of a substance with oxygen, which always is accompanied by a reduction in the substance being oxidized. This translates into a loss of wine from your bottle and a resulting flavor change.

Humidity prevents oxidation by keeping the cork moistened, which will protect the wine from escaping from the bottle. A passive humidification system will not do the work. Passive humidification systems do not create moisture, they only introduce water into the wine cellar environment. This will not result in achieving the necessary 60% humidity level that must be in place to protect the wine bottle cork.

Vigilant’s Guardian wine cellar cooling system is one of the only systems on the market today that integrates humidity in with temperature control and monitors them both digitally to ensure that your wine cellar achieves the recommended temperature and humidity control.

But, don’t worry, because Vigilant also carries the Humiditech. The Humiditech is a state-of-the-art active humidification system that will integrate with any wine cooling system to keep your wine cellar levels at the constant safe values.

If you are concerned that your wine cellar may not have proper humidity levels, Vigilant offers a digital temperature and humidity gauge that can be purchased through the website: the Vigilant shop. Use this gauge to monitor and record your wine cellar environment for 10 days. If your temperature or humidity levels are outside of the optimal range, your wine is at risk and you should contact a Vigilant expert immediately. We will work with you to assess your environment and needs and help you choose a course of action to get your wine cellar environment on track.

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