Client Testimonials

We take pride in our craftsmanship, quality work, and customer service, and customers seem to really appreciate it. This page is just a sampling of reviews from residential and commercial clients who were overly satisfied with their wine and cigar storage projects. Enjoy!

This video comes from a happy humidor client and spotlights what he enjoyed most about working with us, along with some helpful tips. For more info, download our cigar and wine catalogs or get a free quote today!


Wine Storage Customers

Dana Magno – Wine Cabinet Customer

The wine cellar turned out beautifully! The house tour was a success last week and now a magazine wants to feature the house and the wine cabinet in an upcoming issue. Thank you for meeting our deadline. Your customer service department handled all matters quickly and efficiently. Thank you for all of your help.

Joe Moreau – Wine Cellar Customer

All I can say is great!!! Great design, great sales, great support, great delivery, great process, great materials, great assembly.

Richard Mak – Wine Cellar Customer

My wine cellar project began in Toronto in September 2013. None of the local suppliers were able to answer my questions or get me a workable design. In just three days time, Vigilant came back with workable design for my wine cellar along with a competitive quotation. Your price and expertise reflected a superior value.

My door and cellar racks arrived 1 week early and everything surpassed my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Vigilant to anyone I know, and I find your level of professionalism, enthusiasm, speed, and product quality to be top notch. You have set a high standard and example for others to follow.

Tom Wolber – Wine Cellar Door Customer

We finished installing the door a week ago and it looks spectacular. The color finish is an identical match with the walnut floor that is in the cellar and library. The quality and finishes are excellent. I could not be happier.

Dan Orzell – Wine Cellar Door Customer

I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for helping make my dream wine cellar become a reality! I was looking for a high-quality and unique wine rack system for my wine cellar when I came across your website. After we exchanged a few emails and phone calls to ensure you understood exactly what I was looking for, you were able to supply me with all the materials and instructions I needed. I also appreciated all of the updates with the progress of the order completion and shipping as it allowed me time to coordinate schedules with my carpenter. The quality, uniqueness, and beauty of the finished racks far exceeded my expectations.

Lynn Arnold – Wine Rack Customer

I just wanted to let you know that we did receive the chiller. All is well and the installation is coming along beautifully! Our friends and family are floored that this is a "modular kit" assembly. I just had to let you know how impressed we have been with the quality of the pieces and the instructions that go along with it. My husband and I are having a great time putting this all together.

Lin D. – Wine Cellar Customer

The racks went together beautifully! The mahogany paneling is up on the ceiling and in the alcoves and is stunning. They're putting in the stone walls and pillars in now and then they will install the racks and trim. My husband wanted to be sure to let you know what a pleasure is has been to work with your company.

Andrew Decker – Wine Cellar Customer

Vigilant was very good about insuring that we got what we wanted. Our cellar plans included some very elaborate architectural and design elements. Vigilant and our contractor worked well together using both standard and customized Vigilant components to achieve the overall design objectives. When there was an issue, Vigilant was … well vigilant … about answering questions and resolving problems. We are thrilled with the result!

Vincenzo R. – Wine Cellar Door & Racking Customer

This past winter I decided to finish my basement and wanted to put a wine cellar in. What a great decision it was to go with Vigilant. The customer care was extremely personal and unbeatable every step of the way. I have recommended Vigilant to a number of people. My wine cellar is a work of art, from the highest quality in wine racks to the solid but stunning mahogany wine cellar door and sidelights. The custom moldings and casings are exquisite. I am a loyal customer and will continue to refer Vigilant to many friends. Anyone who sees this masterpiece absolutely loves it. I get so many compliments. I am very happy with the sales people. You get the feeling that they care like it's their own.

Rick Almeida – Wine Cellar Door & Racking Customer

Everything went very well. I was a little nervous as I knew I was going to modify the three 10 column racks that I purchased. But even with the modifications everything was really easy to put together and came out great, it also gives the cellar a "custom" look to it. I've since finished my cellar and installed the doors when they arrived this past Monday. They look fantastic. You guys do a great job and were really easy to work with. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need one.

Neil Johnston – Wine Racking Customer

We've finished unpacking everything except the lighting kits, and all the boxes and racks have been assembled and test-fitted into their spaces in the wine room. I have to say, we are very happy with the way the materials were packaged and shipped — everything arrived undamaged and in excellent condition. We are also very happy so far with the quality of the materials, the fact that all the hardware was packaged in separate baggies and clearly labeled, with extra fasteners included, and the assembly process was much easier than I had thought, and a lot of fun. Dry-fitted, the room looks terrific. Kudos to Vigilant for exceeding our expectations.

Ken Asbury – Wine Racking & Cooling System Customer

I wanted to let you know that I received the cellar racking and assembled it last Sunday afternoon. I am installing it tomorrow afternoon. I found it very easy and fun to put all of this together. Kind of a like a child with Legos. I installed the WhisperKOOL system last night after going through the checkout steps. I am holding off on starting the cooling process until the latex paint cures some more but after tomorrow I will almost be in business. I can't thank you enough for the help and the quality of the products that I have purchased. It has been a pleasure doing business with Vigilant.

Linda Ingraffia– Custome Wine Cellar Customer

I love my new wine cellar thanks to Vigilant. You made it easy to install and I love the design. The customer service was great! I've attached my photos so you can see how beautiful it turned out. I get a lot of compliments on it. You guys are the best.

Ole Eichhorn – Wine Racking Customer

Well, our wine room is nearly done! We've even started putting wine in it. We're just delighted with the way this has turned out, thank you very much. If you ever want a reference in Southern California, we'd be happy to serve as one!

Doug Mathews – Wine Racking Customer

I assembled my wine rack and table top with no problems. The instructions were easy to follow, the pieces fit nicely, and assembly was a breeze. It is a quality product. There were no "issues" that I usually find with self-assembly products … pieces that don't fit, missing parts, shoddy workmanship, broken parts, etc.

I am very pleased and impressed with the product, and would highly recommend your company and your products to anyone interested. It is by far the best quality of all the wine racks I researched. I have had lots of compliments already on the wine rack. Thanks so much, and I appreciate your follow up.

Doug R. – Humidor & Wine Cellar Customer

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your incredible work on my wine cellar and humidors. You are an extremely detailed oriented company and all of your products were of the highest caliber. Your craftsmanship is impeccable and the mechanicals in the humidors and cellar all work flawlessly. Every step from design to delivery was seamless and painless. I am especially pleased with the wine cellar door that you were able to custom build in Clear Alder to match our other doors and trim. We are enjoying your products immensely and we get many glowing compliments about your work. Thanks again for all your help.

Chuck Moritt – Wine racking, Cellar Door & System Customer

The order was received a couple of weeks ago and was recently installed. It looks beautiful and I am thrilled. I have a bit more to do on construction of the cellar -- install cooling system and door -- then I'll be able to load up my wine into the racking system. I've also ordered one more piece -- a 5 column table base -- which I'm going to install a granite top (to match other granite right outside of the wine room). I did a lot of research in selecting the racking units....all of it starting with a Google search. Vigilant was far and away superior to any other systems I was able to find in my research. And through the luck of the draw, the racking system fit perfectly across one wall without having to use any filler strips and the estate height with the top molding goes floor to I've ended up with a very custom look.

Bruce C. – Racking & Door Customer

We are done with my wine cellar and it turned out fantastic. Thanks for your help and advice … I am very impressed and happy with the quality of workmanship on the racks and door.

Cigar Humidor Customers

Dr. Rande Lazar – Memphis, TN

The Guardian 1500 is the most reliable humidor I've ever had. I have it centrally located in my living room and I get compliments all of the time.

Jerry Gross – Seattle, Washington

This is probably the only Vigilant humidor that is on a floating home on Lake Union in Seattle! It has kept my cigars in excellent condition, many of which are limited edition and aged over five years.

In almost a month after storing my cigars I noticed a difference in how they smoked. They are definitely curing much better in this controlled environment and have enhanced the smoking pleasure. I cannot say enough about the return on my investment in this great piece of furniture. It also has given me greater "peace of mind" in that my investment is secure and maturing as time continues.

Renny Mitchell – Arizona

The Sentry 100 works great for my 90 cubic foot cabinet. Thanks Vigilant!

My wife says about my cigar room, "It's all about me" but I say, "It's all about my Sentry 100 Humidification System". It keeps my cigars moist and I like the fact that I don't have to re-fill the water that often.

Rob Benton – Eagle River, AK

After the effort and expense to build a large cigar cabinet of maple, lined with Spanish Cedar, the next big decision was how to humidify it. After careful research I decided on the Vigilant Guardian 100 system. My cigars are kept at a constant humidity between 66-68% keeping them in perfect smoking shape. Vigilant was a pleasure to do business with and very receptive to my questions and problems. Thank you Vigilant!

Alexandru Darie Stancu – Bucharest, Romania

Vigilant is a true life saver. The day I received my cabinet I was so excited that I spent the half the night filling it with cigars. I could not wait and the next day I invited all of my aficionado friends over to share my joy with them; puffing a few cigars and having a real good time. Thank you all for making me and my cigars very happy.

Phil Vignola – New York

I ordered my vigilant Humidor several years ago after trying several other systems that were either too difficult to maintain or just did not keep the cigars so evenly humidified. I installed your system in my antique phone booth and it has been perfect ever since. I know of no other system that maintains cigars as well as yours. Many thanks to all at Vigilant for a terrific product.

Danny Alvarez – Miami, FL

I love my Vigilant Sentry 100 system because it means no worries. All I do is add water and smoke well maintained cigars, because I know that my Vigilant is on the job. While my father crafted a one-off custom humidor, I needed a humidification system that could match his craftsmanship and detail work. After searching for months, all roads led back to your company and I sure am glad they did. Your sales people spent lots of time answering my many questions through multiple phone calls. They were courteous, professional and subject matter experts. I couldn't have asked for better care and service. My Sentry stands watch over my cigars day and night while I get to go on with the rest of my life. It was money well spent and I would recommend that piece of mind to any true cigar aficionado.

Gerald Greshuk – British Columbia, Canada

Here are a couple of pictures of my Vigilant humidor in my living room. Thanks looks great and is working perfectly.

Justin Melanson – Cigar Cabinet Customer

I just put cigars in my beautiful new Vigilant cigar humidor and could not be happier. The quality beat my expectations and I love the electronic controls. Please thank your staff for delivering on their promises. I will be sure to tell my friends to buy a Vigilant product!

Commercial Wine Storage Customers

Mark Censtis – Cool Vines

From first contact to the completion of the installation in our brand-new store, Vigilant has been a great business partner. It was our goal to develop a racking system that was both beautiful and highly functional and Vigilant was both responsive to our needs and forthcoming with their ideas. With the second Cool Vines store scheduled to open in Spring of '08, we look forward to working with them again.

Steve Smith – Dover Wine

The commercial wine display island I have in my store combines beauty and functionality into a single wine rack. The display has a classy, old world look, with new world innovation. We were using simple bins and replaced it with the Vigilant commercial kit. It adds the perfect feel to our store and displays our wine better than before.

Amy Garman – South Loop Wine Cellars

When I decided to open a retail wine shop in downtown Chicago, one of the things I found most important was the ability to stand out in the crowd of "big box" wine retailers in my area. My goal was to create a beautiful, inviting, neighborhood shop in which customers could feel welcome and not intimidated by endless stacks of wine cases. I had come up with a shelving concept that would allow me to display each wine bottle in a unique way, and with the help of Vigilant's design team, we were able to make that concept a reality. The shelving design has helped to create the exact look that I had envisioned for my store; it showcases each bottle of wine almost as a piece of art on the wall. Overall I am very pleased by my experience with Vigilant and plan to use them for any future shelving or cellar needs.

Eric Olsen – Salem Wine

Vigilant was very professional and competent throughout the design and delivery process. The design, sales, production, installation, and quality were all first class. Any problems, and there were few, were immediately resolved, to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend Vigilant to any person thinking of opening a wine store.