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Vigilant Crafts Wine Lockers for Nine52 at 416 West 52nd Street

Vigilant recently worked with Spivak architects and GAIA realtors of New York, NY to build a contemporary wine storage locker solution as part of their design and construction of a gorgeous, luxury condominium complex, Nine52, in the heart of historic Hells Kitchen in Manhattan. Its location provides a taste of American history in every step, and boasts delicious food and lively entertainment in a spunky neighborhood. The new condos channel the unique energy of the area by utilizing metal and wood to create an edgy and attractive living environment for their sophisticated residents. Vigilant helped foster this mood by handcrafting this ebonized mahogany wine cabinet with a natural interior.

Vigilant wine lockers multi-sized doors
Vigilant wine lockers with multi-sized doors.

The cabinet is the centerpiece of a shared wine lounge in the lower level of the building. It stands amidst a beautiful sunken garden, fitness center and conference center, and creates a sense of community amongst the wine loving residents. The atypical layout of the locker doors complements the unique, urban environment of the building’s style and the resident’s tastes. Each locker accommodates between 12 and 36 bottles of wine. This variation in storage capacity allows residents to select a locker based on their personal wine collection. Each locker is individually keyed and is climate controlled for ideal wine storage conditions, allowing for easy access to perfectly chilled wine.

Vigilant wine lockers stained in ebony
Image representing Vigilant wine lockers installed at Nine52 Condominiums.