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Vigilant’s Home Wine Cellar Tip

What’s New in Home Wine Cellars

Home wine cellars today are what designer bathrooms were in the 1990’s: a prized luxury and a valuable asset when it comes to selling your home. More than just a place for wine racks, today’s home wine cellars house an array of design extras and little luxuries. Here are the latest must-haves for home wine cellars:

Murals: Hand-painted or manufactured murals give an old world feel to any home wine cellar. Many companies that sell wine cellar components offer murals painted on wood panels as an extra feature. Look for Vigilant’s line of murals, coming soon!

Ladders: Similar to library ladders, wine cellar ladders roll back and forth on a track and give easy access to those bottles on the upper racks. Vigilant offers ladders as a custom addition to any wine cellar. Ask your sales person for more details.

Decorative Wine Doors: More than just an entryway, decorative wine doors add to the wine cellar decor with side lights, viewing windows, elegant French lines or rustic Tuscan planks with handmade nails. Vigilant wine doors offer all of this, plus, wrought iron, center and border etching, as well as our door builder to get you started.