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What are some useful wine cellar accessories?

Sure, you expect a home wine cellar to be filled with bottles and cases of wine, but it’s the wine cellar accessories, that really individualize a wine room and maximize its usefulness.

Wine Tools – Every wine cellar should include a couple of quality wine openers. You don’t want to have to run to the kitchen to get an opener every time you sample a wine. Consider quality openers, such as a Laquiole waiter-style corkscrew or a counter-mounted antique-style opener. Choosing the right opener will add ambiance to your entire wine cellar.

Glasses and serving pieces – Glasses are a must have for any home wine cellar. If space permits, stock a half-dozen red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flutes. A cut-glass decanter is a nice addition, especially if you cellar well-aged wines. Try a Vigilant modular cabinet or stemware rack to protect your glasses.

Wine Journal – Keeping a wine journal (either a blank book or a specially-designed wine log book) will allow you to keep a record of the wines you have tasted and notes on each. You can refer to the journal months and years later to relive the excitement of a new wine discovery, remind yourself of the vineyard and vintage and to avoid re-purchasing a mistake. A wine journal is also a useful place to keep your wine inventory.

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