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Vigilant’s Wine Storage Tip: Lighting

What kind of lighting should I use in my wine cellar?

Lighting is an essential component to any home wine cellar design. After all, you want to be able to view your wine inventory easily. You certainly don’t want a prized bottle languishing in the corner of your cellar past its prime. You’ll also want at least two or three types of lighting in all but the smallest spaces. It’s important to plan for lighting in your initial wine cellar plans as wires will need to be run and electrical boxes installed during the construction process.

The following are examples of wine cellar lighting:

Display Lighting – Avoid leaving your wine display racks in the shadows by installing display lighting. You can find wine cellar components that have under-counter lighting kits that generate very little heat and UV light, both of which are harmful to wine.

Ceiling Lighting – Ceiling spots are ideal for showcasing one section of your collection as well as for illuminating the entire cellar. The best lights for a wine cellar are unobtrusive and low-voltage.

Sconces – Wall sconces give a subtle, stylish look to a wine cellar, while providing indirect light.

Hanging Lights – Hanging, pendant lights are ideal over a table, counter or other work space.