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Why Build a Wine Cellar?

No longer limited to the wealthy, home wine cellars are now an affordable option for most homeowners. That little-used closet might make an ideal site for a home wine cellar, as can a spare bedroom or section of the basement.

Why should you build a separate wine cellar?

  • Avoid the heat . First of all, storing your wine beside a heat source, such as by the fireplace or in the kitchen, is the worst thing you can do for wine. The heat ages the wine prematurely. Even if you are only planning to keep the wine a few weeks, it’s best to avoid these sites.
  • Economy . Having a place to store cases of wine will save you money at the wine store and allow you to purchase a quantity of wine that may not be available later in the year, such as Beaujolais.
  • Convenience. Having your wine all in one place, rather than in separate wine racks scattered around the house, allows you to easily choose a wine for dinner, guests, or to take as a house-warming gift.
  • Style. A home wine cellar is a “feel-good” room, similar to a library or a music room. It’s not essential, like a kitchen or bedroom, but it makes a stylish addition to any home.