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Wine Cabinets or a Wine Cellar?

The choice between a wine cabinet or a wine cellar might be simpler than you think.

For wine lovers, the thought of having your own wine cellar can be a romantic and compelling dream. And why not? A wine cellar brings legitimacy and a connection to the origins of vintage wine and it rates number one on the house or restaurant tour.

However, when weighing all of the factors involved in solving your wine storage needs, wine cabinets may be the better choice. This is true for both residential and hospitality projects. In fact, wine cabinets win out across the board on storage conditions, ambiance, cost, and ease of installation. Let’s take a case where you are looking to store 1,000 bottles of wine.


Because they are smaller than cellars, cabinets offer more precise temperature control. With lower cooling requirements, narrower thermostat ranges, and optional separate zones for storing and serving whites, champagnes, and red varietals, cabinets simply take better care of your wine.


As mentioned earlier, it is hard to beat the atmosphere and romance of a walk-in wine cellar. However, cellars have their drawbacks. At 55 degrees, they are not a place where one lingers to decant and begin imbibing with friends. Additionally, enjoying the cellar from the outside assumes a well-oriented glass door and cellar lighting, readily viewed through an elegant tasting area beyond. With a bank of custom-designed wood and glass wine cabinets, your wine can be on display in its full glory for all to see in the room of your choosing. Glass backs and pre-installed lighting, will add to the dramatic display your wine.

Cost and Installation:

Building a wine cellar is a major construction project that will be expensive and disruptive. Demolition, framing, wiring, plumbing, insulation, lighting, flooring, drywall, wood and painting are just some of the aspects of such a project. The estimated cost for building out the room, sourcing the cooling and wine racking can easily add up to $40,000 when all said and done. A bank of custom wine cabinets can be installed in a day and may save you up to $10,000 or more in the process.

So when planning that next wine cellar project, consider letting your wine escape the cellar by finding a home in a beautiful wine cabinet.