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DIY: Make Your Wine Room a Reality

Having a wine cellar can seem unfeasible for most but we want to prove that anyone can find a spot for a small wine room no matter the size of their home. There are many options including under the stairs, in a pantry, spare closet or even creating a spot in a basement alcove. No matter the limitations, at Vigilant we believe anyone who has a dream of storing their wine collection can achieve it.

One of our customers had that same dream and reached out to us to make it a reality. After several trips to Napa Valley, Mike wanted a proper spot to store his modest collection. He first identified the perfect corner in his basement measuring 50 inches by 60 inches. By plugging these measurements into our DIY wine cellar design tool Mike was able to get a rough idea of what was possible. He then submitted the design to us and we worked to finalize his vision. We quickly sent back an updated design and with a few minor tweaks Mike was ready to move forward and put his wine storage plan into motion.

Before photo of basement alcove
Before photo of the unused basement corner

Mike received his Vigilant kit wine cellar shipment a few weeks later and began his DIY project. With help from his son, Michael Jr. they completed the framing and installation of the through the wall cooling system. Once that was in place the insulation was inserted and Mike called in some professional help for the drywall and painting. After a few short weeks Mike was ready to install the racks.

Wine room framing
Michael Jr. helps with framing the wine room.
Framing and through the wall cooling system
The framing and through the wall cooling system are in place.
Insulated and painted walls
The walls have been insulated and drywall has been painted.

For storage options Mike went with our Classic wine rack kits in finished mahogany. With the allotted space, he ordered a 7 column rack with a high reveal display row, a half-height 10 column rack with a display row and for bulk wine bottle storage the half height diamond bin. All the shelving came with step-by-step directions and helpful images making for a smooth assembly process. But we all know, no wine cellar is complete without that “pièce de résistance” if you will, the cellar door. For Mike, he wanted that first impression of his cellar to be through the Vigilant full glass arch door framed in mahogany. After one month of only working on the weekends Mike’s dream was finally tangible. Everything was in place and the only thing left to do was fill up the shelving with all that Napa wine. The final space can house 355 bottles, the perfect size for his growing collection.

Diamond bins and standard kit wine racking
The cellar features bulk storage diamond bins & standard kit racking.
Vigilant full glass arch door
Completed wine room with the Vigilant full glass arch door.

Once the project was complete, we were happy to hear from Mike and how well his DIY wine room installation went. He expressed his experience with us by saying, “It was a fun DIY project that is now a beautiful focal point in our basement. Vigilant’s racking, trim, and custom doors are extremely high quality. I highly recommend the company for their outstanding service and product quality.”

At Vigilant wine is our passion and we want all wine lovers to have the ability to store and protect their collection with quality, affordable options. To learn more about DIY wine cellars view our standard wine racking kits or call us at 1-888-812-4427.