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Building a Wine Cellar?

If you are thinking about building a wine cellar, there are a few important details to go over prior to making the final decision. The decision to build or not to build extends beyond the desire to store wine or entertain to the climate conditions where you live to the potential equity you are adding to your home. This means that you need to build the right way to guarantee that your money is being invested wisely.

Do your wine habits include collecting?
If not, then you might not need a private wine cellar, but may want to build some nice cooled wine cabinets into a wall in your dining area, den, study, or game room. The expense will be less and the storage conditions and ability to showcase to friends and guests will remain.

Do you live in a very dry or humid climate?
If your climate is arid or extremely wet, than you will need to take special precautions when you build-out for wine storage. These adverse conditions mean that active control for temperature and humidity in the wine storage environment will need to be controlled and constantly monitored to ensure optimal condition.

Are you going to entertain in your new wine cellar?
If the answer is yes, there are considerations that need to be made regarding the environment surrounding the cellar and the equipment within. If you will hold parties and functions, you may want to consider a wine tasting room just outside of the wine cellar. The conditions will be better for guests, as a wine cellar needs to be kept at 55 degrees F, the room surrounding does not. A tasting room is a great space to decant and serve wines, it may have a bar area with a wine refrigerator and it may even have cooled or un-cooled wine cabinets for short-term storage.

Do you have an expensive collection that needs security, safety and long-term preservation?
If yes, then a wine cellar is the way to go. Considerations needing to be made include the build-out of the room. You must make sure when building out the space that you create an air tight environment that will always meet the optimal storage conditions of 55 degrees F and 60-65% RH. You can find build-out information on our that will provide you with the specific guidelines you must follow to achieve this.

You need to consider how many bottles you will want to store in this new space, and also what conditions you have for cooling and humidification. The importance of the proper wine cooling system cannot be overlooked. Choosing the right cooling system for your space and requirements can mean the difference between a collection that appreciates in value and one that is ruined over time.

In addition, choose our wine cellar door wisely. This is not only the grand entrance and first impression for your guests when they see your wine cellar, but it is also the seal that separates the climate controlled environment from the rest of your home. Vigilant carries the best and highest quality wine cellar doors in the industry and the expertise to understand the environment and the must have’s for any door.

Check out the Vigilant Wine & Cigar Storage Learning Center for complete wine cellar construction information. Contact our experts to ensure your wine cellar project is successful.