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Getting Started on Your Wine Cellar


Getting Started
The first question you need to ask yourself is why are you building a wine cellar? While there is rarely a single answer to that question, the answers will, and should be, the primary factors driving the design, functional layout and construction methods for the project.

Consider these 6 project elements:
1. Wine Cellar Size
2. Wine Cellar Location
3. Desired Wine Storage Capacity
4. Type of Wine Storage and Display
5. Architectural and Design Elements
6.Project Budget

Wine Cellar Size
The experts at Vigilant have worked with all sizes of wine cellars, both large and small. Whether your interest is in a small, closet or under stair type, wine cellar to a grande showcase of wine for entertaining or expanding your collection, trust Vigilant to design and build you the perfect wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Location
The most important elements to consider when adding a wine cellar to your home is its location. Are you converting a room in your basement or will you place your wine cellar above ground? Both of these locations bring distinct differences in how you must build-out and cool the space.

Desired Wine Storage Capacity
When it comes to guessing your desired wine storage capacity there are a few important details to consider. Use Vigilant’s series of helpful wine cellar charts to help in answering some of the questions you may have about wine storage and capacity.

Types of Wine Storage and Display
In today’s society, wine can be stored in bottles presenting many different styles and looks. However, there are some important bottle size considerations that need to be made when choosing the proper wine cellar design and wine racks.

Learn more about different types and sizes of bottles

Architectural Design and Millwork Elements
An advantage of working with a wine cellar manufacturer like Vigilant is that we are not your typical wine cellar company. Vigilant also manufactures custom cabinetry and architectural millwork. What this means for you is that your wine cellar project has virtually no limitations in its design, look and overall presentation potential. We can incorporate any design element you may want to match existing styles within your home or to truly make your wine cellar unique from all others.

Project Budget
Perhaps the most important thing to consider when deciding to engage in a wine cellar project is the budget you may have. You may not even know what your budget is at this time, but with the help of Vigilant’s sales consultants, the correct questions can be asked that will allow you to establish the budget that’s right for your project.

Coming in Part 3 – The Wine Cellar Details

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