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Mahogany Wine Racks – The Best Material?

Mahogany wine racking and diamond bin storage

So the debate continues as to what the best material is for your wine racks to be built from. Questions range from the differences in hardwood vs softwood and Redwood vs Mahogany vs Pine vs Cedar.

My vote is for mahogany and not just because Vigilant’s preferred wood is mahogany, but for the reasons behind the company’s choice.

Vigilant used to use redwood and mahogany, but found that redwood was not as solid a choice as mahogany for several reasons. Mahogany has been used throughout history when building products or projects that would be used in or around moist environments and water. Products such as boats and furniture have been the choice for these craftsmen for hundreds of years and so it is a logical choice for wine cellar racks as well.

Mahogany is one of the most user-friendly woods available and has extreme work-ability and reliability when making furniture or cabinetry. Mahogany also brings out the beauty in a wine rack or wine cabinet, a wine cellar door or wine furniture and accents.

Wine cellars benefit from having wine cellar doors constructed of mahogany because the durability and protection offered by wine doors made of mahogany is unsurpassed and that is why most wine doors are constructed with the wood.

Other important characteristics to remember about mahogany over other woods is that mahogany holds fasteners better than any other wood. Mahogany ages well and the natural elements in the wood show through beautifully over time increasing the value, not diminishing it.

Redwood is a nice wood for many types of products, but it will not stand the test of time under the stresses of the environment like mahogany and it is more susceptible to rot over time. In addition, redwood is porous and will not take stain evenly cedar is too aromatic and will impart this into the wine, ruining the flavor of the bottle. Pine is not a rot resistant wood and should never be considered for a proper wine storage environment. Poplar, oakand cherry are not mold-resistant and therefore not appropriate for wine racks in a moist climate controlled environment.

When choosing your next wine rack, seriously consider all the options before making a final decision. Making the wrong decision in your choice of wood could result in further money spent down the road or wine that has been compromised by the wine racks holding it.

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