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Small Wine Cellars

Small wine cellars are becoming more and more popular as wine lover’s face a different type of economy now than a few years ago, when bigger was better. A small wine cellar does accomplishes just as much as a larger wine cellar, but just doesn’t have the space for entertaining; it’s a utilitarian approach. When considering building or buying components for a small wine cellar, you must make the same considerations as you would for a larger space. These are noted below for reference:

1. Determine how many bottles you will store.
2. Decide what the best location for the wine cellar will be, closet, under stair, or in another small location.
3. Decide how you will protect the space in terms of temperature and humidity.
4. Determine how you will cool the space.
5. Decide what type of wine racking, wine cubes, or cabinets/shelving you will need in the space based on how many bottles you want to store.
6. A door for the space will be important to protect the environment, just like in a larger wine cellar. Vigilant makes small sized doors as well and can help here.
7. Decide on a moisture resistant flooring and anything else that will be in the room.
8. Decide on lighting, if needed, and how that will operate.

Making sure you pay attention to all the details just as you would when building a larger wine cellar will ensure that your doing everything necessary to protect the wine and to create an environment suitable in your home.

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