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Vigilant Cigar Humidification System on the World’s Largest Residential Yacht

Vigilant's client, The World Residences at Sea Yacht

When we think of cigars we usually associate them with luxury, it’s an indulgence usually enjoyed while golfing, celebrating, sailing etc. It was no surprise that the prestigious “World at Sea” yacht would want a humidor cabinet to store cigars for its patrons to enjoy while aboard. The yacht is the largest private residential ship in the world consisting of 165 residences and endless amenities – 6 restaurants, a fitness center, a spa, an art gallery, a library, a cigar club and much more. The vessel gives its residents a luxurious lifestyle with the opportunity to wake up in a new part of the world every few days.

A Residence on the Yacht

The yacht had previous challenges with its original humidification system and cabinetry when they reached out to Vigilant for help. Having worked on a humidor for another yacht previously we knew the mechanics involved behind the scenes to make it work properly. There are a lot of things to consider when creating a humidor for a ship because of the constant motion it endures while at sea.

Vigilant Humidification System
The Vigilant System keeps the cigars at the perfect temperature and Relative Humidity.

Once we determined the challenges, we designed a ducted humidification system to resolve the issues. Since the yacht is constantly moving we needed to prevent any possible spillage from the water reservoir. By using a special absorbent material, the unit can hold water up to 100 times its own weight to prevent any overflow. We also included smart sensor that can accurately adjust to make sure the humidity doesn’t get more than 2% above or below the desired Relative Humidity level. The final humidification system was installed by a Vigilant team member to make sure everything was fitted and working properly.

The World at Sea now has a perfectly functioning cigar humidor for all of its passengers to enjoy. To learn more about Vigilant Cigar Humidors and Humidification Systems please visit us online.