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Which Cooling System is Right for Your Wine Cabinet Project?

The question of “what type of cooling system should I use?” when choosing a wine cabinet can be intimidating. We are here to put your mind at ease and provide you with an informative breakdown of our different applications. Our experts will talk you through the pros and cons of each unit until you land on the perfect solution for your wine storage project and your available space. We offer three types of cooling Systems to choose from including Top Mounted, Remoted Ducted and Ducted-Split.

Top Mounted Cooling Systems

The top-mounted system option is the simplest to install and is the most affordable. This type of system is self-contained and sits directly on top of the cabinet. When using this type of system, the cabinet will have visible grills for the system to vent hot air exhaust.


  • Cooling unit(s) mounted on top of cabinet(s)
  • Front or top vent
  • Most economical and easiest to install
  • No ducting or HVAC technician needed
  • Red and white wine temps


  • Venting required at cabinet(s) which may require grilles
  • System requires 20” of space above the cabinet lowering cabinet height and bottle capacity
  • Noise at cabinet(s) and into room is 40-55DB
  • Heat exhausts into room

Remote Ducted Cooling System

The remote ducted cooling system is a more aesthetically appealing option with no visible grilles on the wine cabinet. Since the system is located away from the cabinet, it allows for more vertical wine storage space. This option creates the perfect wine storage conditions with minimal noise and no heat exhaust at the cabinet.


  • Cooling unit(s) mounted within 20 feet of cabinet(s)
  • No visible grilles
  • No venting at cabinet
  • No noise or heat at cabinet(s)
  • Flexible installation options
  • No HVAC technician needed
  • Efficient and reliable climate control
  • Red and white wine temps


  • Must have area to run duct work
  • Duct work cannot exceed 25 feet of flex Duct or 50 feet of hard duct
  • More expensive option than top mount

Ducted-Split Cooling System

The ducted-split cooling systems are another appealing option that require no visible grilles. This type of unit is highly adaptable, consisting of an evaporator unit that is separate from the condensing system. The evaporator is located on top or within 20’ of the cabinet and the condenser that exhausts the hot air is located up to 80’ away from the evaporator. These systems are one of the quietest options with virtually no audible noise at the cabinet location.


  • Cooling unit(s) mounted on top or within 20 feet of cabinet(s)
  • Heat venting at remote condenser location
  • No grilles at cabinet location
  • Compressor mounted remotely
  • Minimal ducting and fan coil noise
  • Multi-panel easy access to electronics and controls
  • Red and white wine temps


  • May need area to run duct work
  • Duct work cannot exceed 25 feet of flex duct or 50 feet of hard duct
  • Most expensive option
  • Requires HVAC technician

Every wine cabinet project is different, and we understand the importance of finding the perfect cooling system solution for your needs. To learn more about all our available wine cabinet cooling systems visit us at or speak to one of our experts today at 1-888-812-4427.