Wine Rack Kits & Modular Cabinets

  • Best custom and standard wine storage racking options handcrafted in our U.S. manufacturing plant
  • Standard kit racking heights (77.5" & 92.5") and custom dimensions to fit your needs
  • High quality mahogany and clear northern white pine
  • Great for wine cellars, wine rooms, retail wine stores and more
  • Stackable modular wine cabinets
  • Standard or custom stain options and superior lacquer finish
Standard Vigilant wine racking and wine storage shelving

Combine standard wine racking kits and custom storage options to get your dream cellar.

Estate Wine Racks

Vigilant 10-column estate wine rack at 92.5

Height: 92.5"
Wood: Pine & Mahogany


Classic Wine Racks

Vigilant 10-column classic wine racks are 77.5

Height: 77.5"
Wood: Pine & Mahogany


Wine Walls

Build your custom wine wall with Vigilant mounted wine rack panels and wine pegs.

Custom Options: Number of panels, panel size and shape, materials and more.


Custom Wine Racks

A custom wine cellar using a mix of Vigilant kit and custom wine racks including four waterfall cascade racks.

Customize! Design a custom wine space. Choose rack height, wood, finish and more!


Modular Wine Cabinets

A Vigilant modular wine cabinet with a five column decorative beadboard arch
  • Build your own custom looking wine storage furniture
  • Wine cabinet packages available


Stackable Wine Cubes

A wall of Vigilant stackable wine cubes
  • Unlimited creative stacking options
  • Mountable to the wall and stackable


Metal Wine Racks

Vintage View metal wine racks
  • Metal wine display racks
  • Available in many sizes and depths


Decorative Components & Trim

Decorative components and trim for your wine racks and wine cellars
  • Arches, Stemware Racks, and Conversion Boxes
  • Molding, Trim, End Panels and Filler Strips


Why Choose Vigilant Wine Racks?

We're dedicated to customer satisfaction, producing the highest quality wood products, and meeting your specific needs.


Made in America

Our wood working stations in our warehouse at Dover, NH

All our products are handcrafted on-site in our Dover, NH manufacturing facility. We are a full service millwork company using time-tested woodworking techniques.


Wine Cellar at a Fraction of the Price

Vigilant kit wine racks give you a custom looking wine cellar

Our standard kit wine cellar racking and modular cabinets offer a customized look at a fraction of the custom price and delivered in half the time.

Wood Species

Mahogany, Pine and Custom Options

We use mahogany and pine as a standard wood species for our wine racks

Clear Northern Pine is a beautiful blond wood and the most economical option. Mahogany is our most popular option; it's durable and able to withstand the cool, humid environment of a wine cellar. We can also make any wine rack in the wood species of your choice!

Wine Rack Height

Tallest in the Industry

Our standard wine racks are full floor to ceiling height

Unlike other companies, we do not stack our racks to gain height. Instead we offer two standard height options, our Classic series is 77.5" and our Estate series is 92.5".

Wine Rack Depth

Protects the Entire Bottle

Our standard wine racks are deep and protect full wine bottles

Vigilant wine racks are the deepest in the industry at 13.5" allowing for full protection of the bottle. Most racking is only 9" deep, which leaves wine bottle necks vulnerable.

Quality Finish

Highest Quality Stain & Lacquer

Our standard stain swatches

We offer the highest quality options in stain and top coat to increase the durability of the wood. If you don't see a color you like we can do custom stains as well.

True Curved Corners

Our standard wine racking includes a true radius curved corner

Our curved corner racks use continuous wood spacer bars and moldings. Our competitors' corner racks are not true radius curves - they use single columns segmented around corners with miter cut straight spacer bars and moldings.

Standard High-Reveal Display Row

Our wine racks come standard with a high reveal display row

All our wine racks offer an open high reveal display row with no obstructions for full bottle visibility. They also provide a front valance perfect for LED accent lighting.

Bin and Case Storage

Our bins and cases for bulk wine storage

All our bin, case and cube wine storage are constructed using solid panels for added durability and sturdiness. Many competitors use slatted bins and case storage made from a series of narrow pieces, making them very flimsy.

Decorative Arch Tops

Our high-quality decorative arch tops add beauty to a wine cellar

Our full height arch tops have supportive solid sides, come in many styles and sizes, and offer optional wiring for display lighting. Competitors require a separate tabletop be purchased so the arch aligns with adjacent wine racking; OURS INCLUDES ONE!

Modular Cabinetry

Our modular wine cabinetry integrates easily with our kit and custom wine racks

We're the only company that offers a line of standard, stackable modular cabinetry. These functional, decorative cabinets seamlessly integrate with our Classic and Estate wine racking kits, giving any cellar a custom look.

Slatted Eased Edges

Our angled slats protect your skin and the wine bottle label from being scratched

All of our racks use soft tapered edges to easily access any bottle of wine. The edges help with wear resistance and create a beautiful aesthetic for the wine racks.

Superior Angled Slats

We sand the edges of our wine racks making it easy to reach for a wine bottle.

All of our individual bottle wine racks have angled slats to prevent both the bottle and your skin from being scratched.

Thickest Slats

Our wine rack slats are the thickest in the industry.

We offer the thickest slats in the industry measuring 3/4" x 5/8" for the best support of your wine bottles.

Widest Uprights

Our wine rack uprights are the widest in the industry.

We offer the widest solid uprights in the industry measuring 1.5" x 3/4" for maximum structural durability.

High-Quality Spacer Bars

Our standard is to cut out dadoes in our wine rack slats

Our spacer bars are 1.5" deep with 3/4" cut dadoes or grooves creating a secure and tight fit. This allows our wine racks to be perfectly stable.

Raised Bottom Row

We have raised bottom wine rack rows to keep wine bottles off the floor

All our wine racks are raised 2.5" off the ground safely storing your bottles of wine, while our competitors' racks have your precious wine resting on the floor.

Base Molding

Our base molding asily attaches to our wine racks and cabinets

Since our racks are already lifted 2.5" off the floor our base molding easily attaches with no additional pieces needed. Our competitors require you to buy additional pieces.

Pre-Drilled Holes

We will pre-drill your wine racks at no extra charge

For no additional cost, all standard racks come with the option of attaching spacer bars with a brad nailer or having Vigilant pre-drill spacer bars and provide screws and covers.

Best Return Policy

Vigilant offers a 30-Day unconditional money back guarantee on any standard product. If the item is returned in new condition, there is no restocking fee and you will be credited the full purchase price.

The competition charges up to a 15% restocking fee.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A limited lifetime warranty covers all wine racks manufactured by Vigilant.