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What are my cabinetry options when building my own wine cellar?

Cabinetry is one of the first things to consider when you make plans to build your own wine cellar. The racks that hold your wine collection, whether in bottles or cases, are the single most important factor in your design. Cabinets also function to hold wine glasses, wine accessories and your library of wine books. Consider the following when planning your cabinetry needs:

Function – How many wine bottles are you planning for your cellar to hold? Make sure to allow room for growth. As you cellar more wine, you’ll want to allow room for new acquisitions.

Flair – Custom wine cabinets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and design styles. Do you prefer a country Tuscan style or a modern design?

Finish – Most custom wine cabinet manufacturers give you a choice of finishes. Common choices include natural wood, maple, and cherry or chestnut.

Storage – Do you need cabinets with doors to hide away glasses, serving dishes or other wine accessories?

Extras – Like kitchen cabinets, wine cabinetry offers a few extras, such as pull-out cutting boards and arched cornices, and corner display units. Choose a couple of these for a more finished design.

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