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How To Build A Wine Cellar in 9 Steps

Building a wine cellar? Not sure where to start? Whether you were an enthusiast from the first sip or took years to appreciate a fine Merlot, you’ve undoubtedly amassed an impressive collection of wine. Even if your collection is relatively small, you need a place to store those valuable bottles to maintain them at their …

DIY: Make Your Wine Room a Reality

At Vigilant we’re out to prove that no matter the size of your house you can find a spot for a small wine room. In this blog we highlight one of our clients DIY wine room projects from start to finish.

Why Build a Wine Cellar?

No longer limited to the wealthy, home wine cellars are now an affordable option for most homeowners. That little-used closet might make an ideal site for a home wine cellar, as can a spare bedroom or section of the basement. Why should you build a separate wine cellar? Avoid the heat . First of all, …

Building a Wine Cellar?

If you are thinking about building a wine cellar, there are a few important details to go over prior to making the final decision. The decision to build or not to build extends beyond the desire to store wine or entertain to the climate conditions where you live to the potential equity you are adding …

Getting Started on Your Wine Cellar

BUILDING A WINE CELLAR: GETTING STARTED, PART II Getting Started The first question you need to ask yourself is why are you building a wine cellar? While there is rarely a single answer to that question, the answers will, and should be, the primary factors driving the design, functional layout and construction methods for the project. …

Hiring a Wine Cellar Contractor

When you first start your wine cellar building project, you must ask yourself a very important question…Can I build this wine cellar myself or should I hire a contractor to help in the wine cellar construction process?   This is an important decision because building a wine cellar can be a difficult and extremely involved …

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