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We'd like you to know more about Vigilant as a company. Here are answers to some of the questions we're commonly asked. If you would like more information, call us on 888-812-4427, email us at: [email protected] or submit your question or feedback on our support form and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

What is the difference between the Sentinel and the Reliance end table series?

The Reliance series has rounded edges and the finest joinery, the exterior drawer goes on a wooden slide and it has a New England style design. You can customize the end table with a glass top or door and your choice of finish. It comes standard with our Sentry Analog electronic humidity systems but you can upgrade to a either the Guardian digital humidity system or the Climatech temperature and humidity system. The Sentinel model is our most affordable high quality cabinet. Its design has simpler lines and a full overlay door. You can customize it by choosing between a glass or wood top and locking door. It too comes with our Sentry analog humidity system that can be upgraded to either our Guardian digital or Cimatech temperature and humidity system.

Are all of your humidors lined with Cedar? Do you sell solid Mahogany humidors?

A cedar lining is not as strong as mahogany, and can form natural “gum pockets” that may remain wet and ooze onto the surrounding surface. This may result in bacteria and could harm your cigars. This is why we use Spanish Cedar in all of our cigar drawers and bins to allow for the imparting of flavor into the cigars but use the highest quality Mahogany, a stronger, more consistent and beautiful wood to make the cabinets. The interior of the humidor is left unfinished to absorb humidity and allow for proper cigar storage.

Why aren’t Vigilant humidors made of Spanish Cedar both on the inside and the outside?

Spanish Cedar, while great for cigars is not a great wood for the cabinet. All Vigilant humidors are constructed using MDF core, not particle board, with a mahogany veneer. The interior of the humidor is left unfinished to absorb humidity and allow for proper cigar storage. Due to this fact, we do not use solid wood, as it will warp when exposed to moisture. Other than the carcass and shelves, all our humidors are solid wood.

Does an all Cedar humidor impart excessive Cedar aroma to cigars?

The proper species of Cedar to use in a humidor is Spanish Cedar. Spanish Cedar has a wonderful smell that does blend with and enhance the taste of the cigars, but we suggest that Spanish Cedar only be used on the interior of your humidor for lining bins and drawers. A hardwood such as Mahogany is the best wood to use for the exterior of your humidor.

When cigars are individually wrapped in cellophane, how does that affect the humidity of the cigar? Should I remove the cellophane?

You can leave the cellophane on since the humidified air will still get to the cigar. However, if you don’t like the idea of the cigar aging next to a man-made material, you can certainly remove the cellophane.

Do you need to keep a cigar box opened or closed inside the humidor?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. Either way, as long as the plastic is removed from the box, the humidified air is able circulate whether the box is open or closed.

How do electronic humidification systems compare to passive systems?

It depends on how wet they are. In general, electronic systems are superior to passive Credo-type humidifiers because they require less maintenance and provide more stable humidity. However, there are some electronic systems on the market that are inferior to good passive systems and simply don’t perform to the manufacturer’s specifications. A good quality electronic system is a must for the cigar smoker seeking to age and preserve cigars over a period of months and years. Among the desirable features to look for in electronic systems: A large water reservoir with a minimum 30 day supply. Time-to-fill water level indicators. An operating range no larger than 5%. Simple and accurate set point adjustment.

Should bare cigars be mingled with one another?

Cigars do impart flavor to each other when they are touching. We recommend separating loose cigars in your humidor if they’re not covered with plastic wrap. When possible, keep cigars in their original box for as long as possible. This will prevent flavor mingling and wrapper damage.

What is the difference between your Guardian & Sentry systems?

The Guardian system digitally controls and displays the humidity level in your cabinet, allowing you to adjust the humidity exactly to your preferred level, while the Sentry system is accurate to within 5% and features analog humidity control with an independent digital hygrometer.

How do I calibrate my hygrometer?

To calibrate, use a saturated solution of plain table salt (NaCl) and water. This solution will maintain 75% RH in a sealed environment at room temperature. All you’ll need is a tablespoon of salt, a small bottle cap-sized container, and a Ziploc bag. Place a tablespoon of salt into the small container and add a few drops of water so you have a wet pile, not dissolved salt. If you add too much water, just add more salt. Place the wet salt solution and your hygrometer into the bag, making sure not to spill the solution on your hygrometer. Press most, but not all, of the air out of the bag and seal it (make sure that the bag is well sealed). Leave it for a minimum of five hours at room temperature before checking the reading. After five hours, read the hygrometer through the bag. It should read 75%. If not, note the reading and repeat the procedure. Take the average of the two readings for a good calibration figure. For instance, if you have readings of 70 and 72%, your calibration figure should be- 4%. When checking your humidor using that hygrometer, always add 4% to get the accurate reading.