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We'd like you to know more about Vigilant as a company. Here are answers to some of the questions we're commonly asked. If you would like more information, call us on 888-812-4427, email us at: [email protected] or submit your question or feedback on our support form and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Should I be concerned by lacquer odor on my wine racking?

The simple answer is no. While we use very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) finishes, there may be a slight vapor order on your finished wine racks when you open the boxes. This odor will subside quickly and will not return.

How do redwood wine racks differ from your mahogany wine racks?

Redwood is a light, soft wood that is used in wine cellars, because of its resistance to rot and mildew in a damp cellar. However, our wood of choice, mahogany, is a hardwood that is also resistant to decay, so it is has more longevity and is less likely to dent. Learn more about our materials and finishes Specifications of Vigilant Wine Rack Kits

How do I anchor my wine racks to the wall and adjacent components?

The simplest way to attach your racks to the wall is to drive a long 3″ screw through the top, back space bar into a wall stud. You may also use a 3″ angle bracket (not supplied). The best method for attaching wine racks to each other involves screwing the adjacent uprights together with a 1.25″ screw at several locations (pre-drilling recommended).

How do I touch up my finished wine racks after assembly?

We send a stain blending stick with our finished wine components. Use the stain stick on areas where cuts are showing.

Are your racks assembled with screws or nails?

Our kit wine racks can be either screwed or nailed together. Both methods are strong, but nailing can be hidden more easily. Our custom wine racks are meant to be nailed using a pneumatic nail gun. You have options either way, just let us know and we’ll accommodate your preference.

Can I mix your kit and custom racking and why would I?

We are the only company that allows you to mix kit and custom wine racking in your design. You may be perfectly happy with a kit cellar design, but would like a custom feature added in to make it perfect. We can do that! Be aware however that our made-to-order custom pieces might affect your lead time a little.

What is the difference between your kit wine racking and custom wine racking?

Our ready to assemble kit racking lines consist of pre-designed items that can be combined to create a wine cellar. Even with the largest kit wine rack selection available, you are limited by their height and item offerings. Our custom wine racking is designed for you based on the exact dimensions of your room with an endless number of design features. Custom wine racking normally costs about 40% more than a kit facsimile.

What is the difference between your Classic and Estate wine Racking?

Our Classic series wine racks are 77.5″ high, while our Estate wine racks are 92.5″ high. There is a slight difference in the product offerings within the lines.