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We'd like you to know more about Vigilant as a company. Here are answers to some of the questions we're commonly asked. If you would like more information, call us on 888-812-4427, email us at: [email protected] or submit your question or feedback on our support form and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

What type of warranty do these cabinets come with?

All custom cabinetry and mill work cabinets come with the same limited lifetime warranty as our other Vigilant products.

What wood species are available?

Our preferred wood species on custom cabinetry and mill work is mahogany. However, we will be happy to design and build your project using wood species such as oak, hard maple, and cherry among others. We also offer figured veneer panels.

What finishes are available?

We offer both standard and custom finish options on our custom cabinetry and mill work line. Discuss these options with your design consultant.

Do door and drawer pulls come with the wood storage cabinets?

No, these wooden storage cabinets are very personal by design and so we leave it up to you to select and determine the location of your cabinet pulls.

Are your custom cabinetry and mill work storage cabinets just for wine?

No, many of our custom cabinetry and mill work projects expand to libraries, movie rooms, media centers, and other unique built-in elements of the home, hospitality or retail space.

What’s the difference between Vigilant’s custom cabinetry and millwork and its other products?

Our custom cabinetry and mill work are built to the highest finish level by our top cabinet makers. The cabinets are handmade and assembled here in our wood-shop and shipped directly to you. However, the most distinguishing characteristic is that they are designed and built specifically to your requirements and tastes. Our cabinets feature details and trim elements that include but are not limited to the following: face frame wine cabinets, divided light glass doors, higher base and crown molding details, hidden under-mount drawer slides, full build counter tops, panel moldings, and customer-specified trim.

Do Vigilant wine cabinets come with lighting?

All Vigilant wine cabinets are offered with an LED lighting option at an additional cost. Lighting can often be the difference-maker in the look of the cabinet and will also increase functionality. It is strongly recommended that if you want lighting for your cabinet that you have Vigilant specify and install it, rather than having it done later. This will save you money, prevent damage to your cabinets and ensure proper lighting function.

What is the warranty on a Vigilant cabinet?

All custom cabinetry and millwork cabinets come with the same limited lifetime warranty as our other Vigilant products. The system warranties will vary, depending on your application.

What are the electrical requirements for Vigilant wine cabinets?

The electrical requirements will vary depending on the system employed in your cabinets. You may need additional electrical connections for lighting and secondary condensate removal. Vigilant will provide a comprehensive electrical/mechanical specification with your documentation.

Do your wine cabinets require a condensate drain line?

Most wine cabinet cooling systems generate water in the form of condensate. While some systems burn off condensate, this may not be adequate in some environments. This may necessitate a drain line or secondary condensate pump or evaporator. Our designers will make sure you get the correct solution. FAILURE TO PROPERLY ACCOUNT FOR SYSTEM CONDENSATE MAY RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT WATER DAMAGE OVER TIME.