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We'd like you to know more about Vigilant as a company. Here are answers to some of the questions we're commonly asked. If you would like more information, call us on 888-812-4427, email us at: [email protected] or submit your question or feedback on our support form and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

What information do I need before I purchase a Vigilant wine cellar door?

First you need to know the available space or rough opening for the door to make sure what you purchase will fit. The door swing is also very important. Select your wood species and finish color. Also know the hardware color and style you would like along with any other options.

Can you produce custom made wrought iron gates, handlesets, or decorative wine cellar wrought iron?

Many of these items can be made for your wine cellar project. Most will require additional design time and manufacturing time. Please check with our sales consultants if you are looking for a specific wine cellar wrought iron product or accent piece. We’re always happy to accommodate custom requests.

Can I create a custom Vigilant wine cellar door?

Don’t stop at the creative design process with your wine cellar. There’s no reason why your wine cellar door can’t be a beautiful custom door design, too. We offer numerous styles of solid wood doors, from French-paned glass to etched designs and all wood models. You can choose the size, wood type, finish, hardware, etching, casings, glass, and other options that is just right for your very special wine cellar. Our attractive doors add the finishing touch to your alluring and functional wine cellar.

Do you have an R-value rating on Vigilant wine cellar doors?

The R-factor for our mahogany wine cellar doors is R-7. R-factor refers to the thickness of insulation.

Why are wine cellar doors important to overall home design?

Wine cellar doors are the first thing your guests will see when they visit your wine cellar. Since so many cellars are located in the living space now, they are also an important part of the overall room design.

We’ll help you create a custom wine cellar door that fits your personality and still protects your extensive wine cellar investment. Whether you choose solid wood, mirrored, etched, or French doors with a side-light, your wine cellar doors make a personal statement about your taste and your commitment to your collection. Choose the right wine cellar door and set the mood for your entire room design.